Make It A Sidecar From Moore & Giles

July 1, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Made by hand in Virginia was all it took to get my attention in this time of all things “Made In China,” sometimes I feel like we’ve seen and read so many posts on bar carts that it might make me want to stop drinking (not really), but when I saw the Moore & Giles Side Car Bar Cart I knew I had to check this beauty out. The Side Car is composed of materials like walnut, leather, aluminum, and brass, with all these materials combined to create something out of an old movie that Cary Grant and William Powell would covet greatly. The Side Car has storage galore with a specific area to store needed supplies as well as a kind of inverted hanging glass rack to keep all your glassware safe and in line. The creation of the Side Car was a collaboration between Moore & Giles and cocktail connoisseur Jim Meehan. The Side Car is one of those times when form and function have come together to create a thing of beauty. I can’t wait to check out other merch from Moore & Giles, for now, I’m off to make a martini, Enjoy!!!  


A good look at all the storage topside on the Side Car and on the ends, notice the glass storage with dividers between each row of glasses.


High-end from top to bottom with materials like brass even on the wheels. 


A good look at the leather-wrapped doors, walnut trim and brass handles and wheels. 


A glimpse at the leather wrapped brass handles at either end of the Side Car. 


Mixologist Jim Meehan and the Side Car he helped design. 

To see a lot more images of the Side Car visit the Moore & Giles website, stay tuned as we’ll check out more of the awesome creations from M&G.

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