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July 20, 2016

By Tab Byrum


If you grew up during the 80’s going to the movies, reading the books, wearing the clothes, listening to the music and you have a soft spot in your heart for Science Fiction, Horror and maybe a little Fantasy then you need to watch the Netflix original series Stranger Things. The show dropped on Netflix Friday, July 15 and that’s what we did with any spare time over the weekend, we binge watched the 8 hours of Stranger Things. Stranger Things is a combination of so many things from the 1980’s, it’s part Goonies, part ET, part Poltergeist, part Stand By Me, and part War Games. It definitely reminds you of a story that could have been written by Stephen King and directed by Steven Spielberg. The characters are wearing the clothes we wore in Junior High and High School while listening to the same music. (above image via)



Winona Ryder first captured my heart in 1988 in Beetlejuice as the angsty goth teen Lydia, so it’s very appropriate for her to make an acting comeback in a vehicle that casts her as the wacky, troubled singled mother trying to raise two boys the best she can. When her youngest son, Will, disappears she doesn’t accept he might be dead and spends the rest of the show trying to find and rescue her child.





At the same time Winona’s oldest son, Jonathan, is figuring out something is WAY off in the town they live in and Will’s three best friends go in search of him but discover a girl in the woods with a buzz cut hair that doesn’t speak but holds all the answers to the strange occurrences and Will’s disappearance. I promise you that you will love this series if you give it a try and if you can watch it with your best friend from the 80’s that’s even better. Enjoy!!!



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