A Morning At Muiderslot

August 19, 2016

By Tab Byrum

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I love taking day trips when we’re on a vacation like our recent one to Amsterdam, I’ve shared our trip to Zaanse Schans to see windmills, The Hague and Mauritshuis, and today I want to share our trip to a Medieval castle outside of Amsterdam called Muiderslot. Muiderslot is about nine miles southeast of Amsterdam and sits at the mouth of the Vecht River. Muiderslot was on our list of things to do given to us by friends. The castle was originally constructed in 1280 by Floris V, the Vecht River was a major trade route into the Netherlands and the castle was used to watch the river and extract tolls from those wishing to use the river to bring things into Holland and on down to the town of Utrecht. In 1300 the castle was destroyed and a hundred years later it was rebuilt in the same spot and is what we see today, the castle today has been restored to the way it was in the 17th century with furnishings, fabrics, and decor to reflect 400 years ago.

Muiderslot2016 - 1

This was taken from the courtyard of Muiderslot when we first walked in across the drawbridge.

The only way to see certain rooms in the castle is on a guided tour and it was well worth it, the guide spoke five different languages and was able to answer any and all of our questions. I was surprised that the rooms in the castle weren’t larger than they were, but it’s hard to keep large rooms warm when all you have is a single fireplace in a room. We saw the kitchens, Knights Hall, Dining Room and Private quarters (bedroom) for the Master of the castle.

Muiderslot2016 - 3

Of course, there are lots of window seats throughout the castle, this was the only way to get fresh air most of the time as well as good light to read or do handwork. 

Following the guided tour we went through the portions of the castle open to the public, up into the tower, across the ramparts and back down into the courtyard. The gardens for the castle were across the drawbridge and we took some wonderful pictures there I’ll share today. The trip to Muiderslot was well worth it and was easily reachable by bus, I definitely recommend it especially if you have older kids or teenagers since it’s like walking through a movie set or fairytale. Enjoy!!!

Muiderslot2016 - 4

Muiderslot2016 - 6

Of course,  the fireplaces are huge, but as you can see the opening itself for the fire wasn’t that big. A lot of the space was taken up with all the paraphernalia needed to cook a meal. 

Muiderslot2016 - 5

Muiderslot2016 - 8

There are many beautiful paintings hanging in the castle, many of them are of some of the inhabitants of Muiderslot over the years as well as local officials such as sheriffs and judges. 

Muiderslot2016 - 7

As you may remember I have a weakness for black and white floors, this one is beautiful, love the pattern they created. 

Muiderslot2016 - 11

This is the bed in the Prince’s Chambers, this is where the Master of Muiderslot would have slept. 

Muiderslot2016 - 10

This is the baby’s crib next to the bed, in the above picture of the Master’s bed you can see a painting on the wall showing how they swaddled the babies then to keep them “warm and safe”. 

Muiderslot2016 - 12

This is also in the Prince’s Chamber, a table in the front of the fireplace where he could eat or take care of work. 

Muiderslot2016 - 9

This is the surround of one of the fireplaces in the castle made up of Delft Blue tiles. The tiles depict different animals and men dressed in period clothing, there’s even one on stilts towards the top on the right. 

Muiderslot2016 - 13

This is the circular staircase going up one of the corner towers of Muiderslot, needless to say, this got a little tight for this claustrophobe. 

Muiderslot2016 - 15

The view as you walk across the ramparts of the castle. 

Muiderslot2016 - 14

The painting of Muiderslot in the winter is hanging in one of the tower rooms, the people are skating on the frozen river. 

Muiderslot2016 - 18

I love the view of the castle from the gardens across the road, it looks so majestic against the gray clouds rolling in from the North Sea. 

Muiderslot2016 - 17

Maybe my favorite pic, a bee on a thistle with Muiderslot in the background. A good time was had by all. 

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  • Sharon Cullison

    Another must see I especially love the swaddled babies I did that with Paul Hard to imagine now

    • Tab Byrum

      You have to visit Muiderslot if you go to Amsterdam. I’m so claustrophobic, I can’t imagine being swaddled like that. Maybe mom did it and that’s why I’m claustrophobic. Lol

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