Celebrating Hitchcock

August 12, 2016

By Tab Byrum


I’m a huge fan of the movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock and tomorrow would have been Hitchcock’s 118th birthday so I was trying to find something that tied Hitchcock and design together and stumbled onto the artwork of Polish artist Michal Krasnopolski. Krasnopolski is a graphic designer and art director living and working in Warsaw, Poland, and the man loves Hitchcock movies and bright colors as much as I do. There are three posters he’s created featured on his website that I’ll share with you today, there’s also several other works of poster art for television shows and other blockbuster films, check out Krasnopolski’s website to see them. Enjoy!!!


I love the red and black color scheme of the poster for Rear Window, Hitchcock’s ode to voyeurs and nosy neighbors. If you concentrate on the black portion of the poster you will see a pair of binoculars, the means by which Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly spied on the murderous Raymond Burr. Genius!!!


I’m a big fan of the color orange so this poster for The Birds is a definite yes, at first I was looking at the orange portion and thinking what the profile of a mouth had to do with the movie, but if you concentrate on the black portion you’ll see the profile of a bird.


It really doesn’t take more than a creepy house and a hand holding a butcher knife to say, Psycho, perhaps the most well known of Hitchcock’s films. If you see a hidden image here please let me know.

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Michal Krasnopolski

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