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August 3, 2016

By Tab Byrum

I ran into the local Anthropologie one day last week to see what was new and what if anything good was on the sale tables.  Anytime I’m in Anthropologie I find myself drawn to the brightly colored plates and accessories, I decided then and there to do a little research and find out who the creative mind is behind these eye catchers.  I was happy to find out they are the creation of a  lovely French lady named Nathalie Lété.



Nathalie Lété is an artist living and working in Paris, she works in several different mediums such as textiles, ceramics and illustration, taking inspiration from flowers, animals, vintage toys and her travels.

lete_3Nathalie Lété, image courtesy of completely-coastal

As I said earlier I’m always drawn by the bright colors she uses in her creations as well as the subjects.  Until recently I was only aware of plates, but let me assure you Nathalie Lété is about a great deal more than dishes.  Join me as we take a look at this extraordinary artist and her colorful creations.

A lovely silk scarf, Pinterest

lete_5Lété’s Parisian home and studio, Pinterest

lete_9Beautiful wallpaper, thatcreativefeeling

lete_12More wallpaper, courtesy

lete_6A Nathalie Lété hand-painted window,

lete_8French postcard art, Pinterest

lete_13Fabric dolls, myowlbarn

lete_11“Pretty Rug”, brocantehome

lete_14“Mimi Pinson” rug, caravanstyle

lete_15A tin tea set, thatcreativefeeling





Nathalie at work in her studio, dailymail


Check out Nathalie’s products at Anthropologie and her website is so worth a visit.  The next time I’m in Paris I’ll definitely be visiting the Nathalie Lété showroom.  Have a lovely day!!

Unless otherwise stated all images are courtesy of Anthropologie


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