To Have Or Have Not: Wallpaper

August 5, 2016

By Tab Byrum

I have a thing for wallpaper, I always have.  I’m kind of getting the itch to have some wallpaper again, but not just any wallpaper,  I want some of the amazing papers offered from Cole and Son.


Vivienne Westwood’s Union Jack

When I was a kid we changed out the wallpaper in my room 3 if not 4 times, with all of them being stripes and one plaid pattern.  My family swore off of wallpaper back in the late 80’s when we moved into a house where the main hallway had a chair rail with paint above the chair rail and grass cloth wallpaper below it, NIGHTMARE to take off the wall.  The house Michael and I live in had a burgandy and hunter green paisley pattern in the kitchen, it was a pain to remove also, but we did it and swore then, NO MORE WALLPAPER.


Enter Cole and Son, a British wallpaper company just outside of London.  They work with some of the great “creative” houses of Europe like Fornasetti and even Vivien Westwood to create amazing one of a kind papers.  Today the Cole and Son artists take inspiration from the archive that consists of almost 1,800 block print designs, over 300 screen print designs and original drawings and wallpaper going back to the 18th century, but all of them with a contemporary feel and twist to them.  So, what room gets it first? Join me today for a look at just a sampling of what’s available at Cole and Son, Enjoy!!!


Vivienne Westwood’s Squiggle


Venice in the Murals Collection at Cole and Son


Paper Roses from New Contemporary Two Collection


Ludlow from the Archive Traditional Collection


Geisha from The Frontier Collection


Versailles from The Folie Collection


Woods and Pears from The New Contemporary Two Collection


Uccelli from The Fornasetti II Collection


Macchine Volanti from Fornasetti II Collection


Teatro from Fornasetti II Collection

They also have some great wallpaper borders like these next two designs.


Multiplette from Fornasetti II Collection for all you cycling enthusiasts


Notambule from The Fornasetti II Collection

So many of the papers available from Cole and Son are strong and powerful and have to be taken in small doses, but think how fun a powder bath would be done in the theater or bird paper.  Or, bring a contemporary touch to your home with some of the newer papers from the Vivienne Westwood collection.  Check out Cole and Son here next time you’re thinking you might want to bring some fun color and pattern into your home. 

All images are courtesy of Cole and Son

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