Pantone Fall 2016~ Aurora Red

September 1, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Red has always been my favorite color and I’ve used it A LOT in decorating my own home over the years, but as I get older I find myself phasing it out in big doses and instead getting it in artwork and accessories. I was very glad to see Aurora Red as one of the color trend choices from Pantone for this Fall. Aurora Red is described by Pantone as a warm red that is pleasing to the eye and sensual, red always warms things up and provides a great color to focus on. Aurora Red works with so many other colors including white, black, navy blue, gray, and yellow. Here’s a look at how to add a splash of red to your house or wardrobe in just the right way. Enjoy!!! (above image via)


For years red walls were all the rage then they weren’t seen as much, today they are on the rise again. Not sure I’ll be jumping on this decorating train again. (via)


Sometimes all a girl needs is a new red bag… (via) (this bag will also hold a full bottle of wine and does double duty as a handbag)


…or a red front door. (via)


Red jeans are always fun… (via)


…as is a new red gourd lamp. (via)


Red flowers, a great way to get a sexy punch of color. (via)


Now this is a conference room for the 21st century. (via)


Sometimes it’s as simple as a red sweater and jeans. (via)


Everyone should bathe in a red tub at least once. (via)


These red metal chairs are perfect for so many reasons. (via)

As you can see Aurora Red has a lot of potentials and can bring lots of color and vibrancy to your life. 

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