The House of Fendi

September 14, 2016

By Tab Byrum


This week I’m beginning several weekly posts on books being published by the luxury book brand of Assouline, I’ve done several of these posts in the past and am very excited to do more. My first book focus is on Assouline’s new book that came out in August called Fendi Romaa look behind the doors of the luxury brand to see what it takes to create almost a centuries worth of beautiful fashion and accessories, today we’ll look at the brand itself and tomorrow focus on the book. Fendi started out as a small leather and fur workshop opening their first boutique in Rome in 1926, today Fendi is known as a global powerhouse in the world of luxury brands where they still work in furs and leathers as well as fashion and accessories such as handbags. Today the creative team at Fendi for fur and ladies Ready To Wear is headed by design legend Karl Lagerfeld and members of the Fendi family are still on board as head of creatives for accessories and the men’s line. Join me today for a look at the world of Fendi and check back tomorrow as we enter the world of Fendi Roma from Assouline publishing. Have a wonderful day and Enjoy!!! (above image via)


An exterior view of the beautiful Fendi boutique on the Palazzo Fendi in Rome. (via)


Interior views of the renovated Fendi shop in Rome show the combination of beautiful marble with luxury clothing, accessories, and artwork all creating a beautiful look. (via)


A look from Fendi Resort 2016. (via)


Fendi is known for their colorful and artistic handbags, Resort 2017. (via)


As well as their one of a kind clothing, Resort 2017 (via)


On July 7th of this year models literally walked on water at the Trevi Fountain in Rome during the 90 Year Anniversary Collection show. (via)


Fendi contributed over two million dollars to the restoration of the famous Roman fountain. (via)


Their handbags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, Resort 2017. (via)


Many designs from Fendi incorporate the use of fur which hearkens back to the fashion house’s beginning as a fur and leather shop. (via)


Kendall Jenner posing in the Fendi Fall/Winter 2016 campaign. (via)

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