13 Halloween Cocktails-Day 1

October 27, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Halloween is a great excuse for a party, whether you’re get together is large or small a party always calls for cocktails. Today and tomorrow we are going to look at several different cocktails and the recipes to make these spooky elixirs from all over the world wide web. Many of them are based on Fall treats we all know and love like caramel apples. So gather your friends, some munchies and storm the liquor cabinet this Halloween weekend and make your own witch’s brew celebrating the holiday. I’ll share half the recipes today, then check back tomorrow for the rest of the 13, ENJOY MY PRETTIES!!!!

Caramel Apple Cocktail


This cocktail had me at butterscotch liqueur, click here for the recipe. (via)

Mr. Hyde Potion



Blackberry liqueur and fresh herbs = YUM, get the recipe here. (via)

Black Velvet



This is a great cocktail for your stout beer lovers, recipe here. (via)

Chocolate Malted Martini



I love malted milk balls and martinis so this recipe is definitely a YES. (via)

Halloween Sunset Cocktail



This cocktail is perfect for after dark shenanigans, get the recipe here. (via)

Bleeding Heart Martini



I want to make this just for the look and the presentation, a piece of beet doubles for the heart, get the recipe here. (via)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and check back tomorrow for the rest of our 13 Halloween Cocktail recipes, ENJOY!!!!

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