13 Halloween Cocktails-Day 2

October 28, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Yesterday we checked out 6 of our 13 recipes for cocktails you and your friends and family can enjoy this Halloween weekend and today we are looking at the rest, so then there were 7. Today we’re looking at a warm drink, a punch, a couple more cocktails, a martini and no party is complete without a round of shots and we have the perfect one for All Hallows Eve. So, chill those glasses make your shopping list and head out to the grocery and liquor stores to create the best kind of spirits for this time of year, Enjoy!!! ( above image is Walker Blood Sangria, via)

Hot Spiced Concord Grape Juice



This recipe is a warm and spicy drink to warm your chilled bones this Halloween, with cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg you know it’s great!! (via)

Sweet Poison Cocktail



The Sweet Poison Cocktail is from the Jekyll and Hyde Club in NYC and if you love rum then this concoction is for you, recipe is here. (via)

The Zombie Cocktail



Rum and fruit juices combine in this cocktail that will make the dead get up and walk around, the recipe is here. (via)

The Vampire Kiss Martini



This simple cocktail made with vodka, champagne, and raspberry liqueur may make you kiss more than vampires. The recipe is here. (via)

The Poisoned Apple



Tequila and fruit juices combine for beautiful color and amazing flavor, get the recipe here. (via)

Halloween Pumpkin Punch



People love a good punch at a party and they’re easy to make in big batches. Spiced rum and pumpkin are the basis for this spooky Fall treat, recipe is here. (via)

Candy Corn Jell-O Shots



If you loved Dreamsicles as a kid you’ll love these little monsters made with a whole bottle of whipped cream vodka, click here for the recipe. (via)

I hope you’ve seen something over the last two days you can make and serve to make your Halloween more fun. Everyone be safe this weekend and as always, Enjoy!!!

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