Halloween Entry Way With At Home

October 14, 2016

By Tab Byrum


For my October design challenge with At Home, I chose Halloween Entry Way and I knew immediately whose entry I wanted to do. I called my client and friend SuSu and asked if I could decorate her staircase and entry hall table and she said, “of course”. She’s going to be out of town for Halloween but once her husband saw the decorations he loves them and wants them to stay up through the rest of the month. I wanted something that wasn’t too scary since SuSu has small grandchildren, but I definitely wanted it to look like Halloween, so I turned once again to At Home’s Tinsel collection as well as a few staples like Creep Cloth, lighted Jack O’Lanterns and a spooky tree. I can’t wait to share the photos with you of what I did and I’ll go more in-depth of how I created this on each of the photos. Enjoy!!!


As you can see SuSu has a curved staircase with a large round table sitting in the curve. I draped black Cheesecloth from At Home on the staircase and to that I added Halloween Skeleton garland for some sparkle then added Cats and Spiders from the Tinsel Collection bring some color to the staircase. 


On the table I wanted height so I used the lighted Halloween Tree from At Home, it stands 5 feet tall and is the perfect centerpiece for something like this. Around its base, I added Jack O’Lanterns, a black cat, a haunted house, and a large pot that I stuck our Witchy Sign into. 


Here’s a close-up of what’s going on in front of the display, the Haunted House has all the great colors of Halloween as well as being covered in glitter. The lighted Jack O’Lanterns on each side of the house add lots of character to the display and are, of course, a Halloween staple. 


I used a black tablecloth that SuSu already had then I used the Creepy Cloth from At Home to add another layer of “scary” to the table top. 


I love this black cat that’s made of metal and is able to stand on its own. The cat is also covered in glitter and catches the light. I have to say that I did NOT have a problem with glitter coming off of the At Home products like I have with decorations from other stores. 


The Halloween Tree is made of a black metal mesh and has lots of branches you can bend and display how you want. It’s also covered in orange lights with felt bats in the top branches and makes a perfect centerpiece. 


I had to find a place for this sign once I saw it. I love how retro it is, and the way it looks like a witch flying in front of a big full moon and you always need a Welcome sign in the entry of your home. 


I was able to use a large green ceramic pot that we’ve used for decorating at SuSu’s house for years, I used black Creepy Cloth around the base of the sign to cover the styrofoam holding the sign up as well as covering all my cords for the pumpkins and the tree.



There are several awesome choices of Halloween Garland available at At Home, I chose the silver skulls on black since SuSu’s staircase is white. I had the skull garland go along the top of each section of draped Black Cheesecloth.


I attached Orange and Green cats to the staircase garland as well as a Black and Orange Spider and  Black and Green Spider to bring some of our table colors to the stairs. 



A view down of our tablescape from the staircase.

This was a very fun project and I hope you’ve found some Halloween inspiration for your house with all the great decorations you can find at At Home. Have a great weekend!!!

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