8 Colors Of Desk Chairs From Lexmod

October 7, 2016

By Tab Byrum


We are in desperate need of new desk chairs at our house, Michael and I share one of our spare bedrooms as an office/computer room. Michael is currently sitting in an office chair we bought years ago, the leather is cracked on the seat part of the chair as well as on the arms and I’m sitting in a wooden chair that goes with our kitchen table. I have been trying to wait until we redo the office space, we want to move the office to another room and turn the current office into a walk-in closet, but I don’t think I can wait. I’ve decided to go ahead and get a couple of new chairs, I know what direction I want to go as far as decorating the new office space and I know I want nice office chairs in a color that aren’t brown or black. I was recently searching for chairs and found the Lexmod website and I think I’ve found what I want as far as design  now I just need to settle on a color, right now I’m leaning towards Gray, Orange or White. I’m going to share with you two styles of the desk chairs Lexmod offers but show you all their great color choices, their chairs are adjustable as far as height and the ability to lean back in them. Hopefully, you’ll see something here you like as well, Enjoy!!!

Jive Mid Back Office Chair



This is the style I’m seriously considering, it’s a mid back chair so it’s not too tall as far as the back part. We both like having arms on our office chairs and as I said before it’s adjustable. The orange above and the gray below are my first two choices. 



Of course, you can always stick with a safe and classic choice of black or white, all the colors I’m showing you are available in the two styles of chair I’m sharing today. 

Jive Highback Office Chair



Lexmod has this fun green that will add a big punch of color to any office space. 


I seriously considered red but I’ve done lots of red my whole life and am ready for change. 


There are two shades of brown available, Terracotta on the left and brown on the right. 

These colors also come in an armless version that I’ve shown at the top of the post. I’m anxious to get the office going and share it with you, wish me luck. Have a great weekend. 

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  • Sharon Cullison

    I am looking for new office chairs also Love the orange I’m thinking about a pop of color too But I can’t use orange cause of OSU and Texas I do like these chairs though

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