Artist Fernando Botero

November 2, 2016

By Tab Byrum


During the month of November, I’ll be sharing some beautiful new books with your from Assouline Publishing that would not only be wonderful additions to your personal library but also great gifts for people during the upcoming holiday season. The first book we’re going to look at is Fernando Botero, a tome focusing on the Colombian artist of the same name. Botero is a figurative artist and sculptor from Medellin, Colombia and is known for his signature style which is called “Boterismo”, which depicts people and figures in an exaggerated form, or as Botero himself says “fat”. Botero does this usually to make a statement on something social or political, depending on the situation. At 84 years old Fernando Botero’s works are considered to be the most recognizable of any living Latin American artist, his works are highly sought after and hang in private collections, galleries and museums from New York to Paris and beyond. Botero was first ever exhibited in 1948 at the age of 16, he also worked as a set designer for the theater. In 1952 Botero moved to Madrid where he studied at the Academia San Fernando and in 1953 he moved to Paris where he spent most of his time at the Louvre studying the works of other famous artists and perfecting his talents. Today Botero still lives in Paris and spends a month or so a year in his native Columbia. Fernando Botero has had more than fifty exhibitions of his work around the world and his works bring millions of dollars. Join me today for a look at the works of Fernando Botero and check back tomorrow as we preview the beautiful new book on this artist’s life from Assouline Publishing, Enjoy!!! (above image via)


The Old Maid and Her Cat (via)


Columbian artist, Fernando Botero (via)


One of many cat statues by Botero, this one is found in Barcelona. (via)


Botero loves to depict couples dancing. (via)


The Arnolfini Marriage by Fernando Botero, 1978 (via)


Hand by Fernando Botero in Madrid. (via)


Flores, 1988 (via)


Horse, 2010 (via)


The Seamstresses (via)

Please check back with us tomorrow as we preview the beautiful new book, Fernando Botero from Assouline Publishing. Have a great Wednesday and Enjoy!!!
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