At Home Thanksgiving Table Decor

November 7, 2016

By Tab Byrum


For my November decorating challenge from At Home I chose their Holiday Dining Table challenge and decided to do something for Fall and Thanksgiving. I had had my eye on the amazing collection of art glass pumpkins At Home had in the stores this year and decided this was the perfect opportunity to do something fun and different with them. Everything I used in the challenge came from At Home and I’ll show you and tell what I did along the with photos from setting up the table. Enjoy!!!


I started with a blank slate with a big beautiful handmade dining table belonging to a friend.


I wanted some kind of base to build on and I like to use some fabric if possible to soften things up. I didn’t want to hide the beautiful wood of the table so I folded the At Home tablecloth into thirds and ran it down the center of the table. The cloth is an easy to use ivory color and is stamped with fall leaves in a copper color. 


I wanted another texture on the table and I found rolls of burlap in the Christmas decorations at At Home. I layered the burlap on top of the leaf tablecloth and this gave me my base to build my display on.


I had picked up various sizes and colors of the Art Glass pumpkins and gourds. I unpacked them on the front porch since some of them are packed in styrofoam and no one wants that mess in the house. 


The Art Glass comes well packed in nice boxes that will be great for storing them in when they’re not being used and as you can see the price is AWESOME. I’ve seen Art Glass pumpkins and gourds for five and ten times this price. If you want some get there soon, though, supplies are going fast. 


I placed the pumpkins in the center of the table, placing the tallest ones in the center and working my down the table with the shorter pumpkins.


This gives you an idea of how beautiful the Art Glass is close up, something beautiful for your guests to admire while they have Thanksgiving turkey.


I wanted to add another element and found these Mercury Glass candlesticks in the At Home Christmas section also. They work really well since so many of the pumpkins and gourds have gold in them. 


I just used ivory tapers that came from the candle aisle of At Home


I love this frosted blue pumpkin with a gold glass stem, very simple and elegant. 


At Home has a wonderful selection of Table Linens to choose from, I picked up these napkins that were almost an exact match to the burlap. A four-pack of napkins are eight dollars. 


The homeowner’s white dishes with gold rims worked beautifully with the centerpiece. Of course, with all the color in the Art Glass pumpkins and gourds, a lot of colors of dishes will work with this idea. 


The homeowner does a buffet style Thanksgiving dinner so there’s still plenty of room on the table for everyone’s drinks as well as salt and pepper shakers, butter, and anything else you need for a great dinner. 

I hope you get some ideas from this post that you can use on your Thanksgiving and holiday tables, there are plenty of beautiful options in your local At Home store. Have a great Monday!!!!

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