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November 30, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Things are kind of wild and crazy on my end this week, so today’s post will be short and quick. A client of mine recently sold her home and the man who bought it called and asked me if I would put up his Christmas decorations as I had done for her the last several years. His interior designer is a friend that refers clients to me a lot for holiday decorating, she had been to the Dallas Market and ordered Christmas decorations for the house, they chose a color palette of cream, gold, bronze, and silver. Mom and I spent the whole day yesterday at the house putting up the new tree and decorating the mantel, I’m very proud of the mantel and want to share it with you today and I’ll go into more detail with the pictures, Enjoy!!!


I started with two 9 foot LED lit green garlands as my base. I then added the gold fern picks you can see on the end in the bottom left corner of the photo, I added them to both ends of the garland. The next thing I added was the gold leaf picks through the garland.


I added the large gold pinecones to the ends of the garland and then used them as a focal point in the center. 


There is a dozen of these long picks in cream and light green that were made up of these pods, I inserted them into the garland and had them draping out of the front of the garland to add some “drama” to the front as well as some drape. 



There are 4 garlands that are made up of Oak leaves and crystallized acorns that I strung through the main green garland. You can see one of the Oak leaves up against one of the cream colored balls. 


I was able to fill in lots of holes with the cream colored wood shaving balls, these added another color element as well as something round and an interesting texture. 


The two vases on each end of the fireplace are permanent parts of the decor, I used two elements from the garland in the vases to tie it all together and to get some of our Christmas decorations up and add some height. 


As I’ve said before, things like fireplace mantels and staircases are all about layering. Start with your base, then add your flat elements, then your bigger elements like the pinecones and end with all the smaller and finer elements to add sparkle and fill in holes. 


I’m always glad to have something new to work with every year and this mantel is definitely IT this year. 

While this color scheme may not be your cup of tea or your fireplace may not be this large or maybe it’s larger, I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration for your own home. Have a great day!!!

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