Christmas Decorating Tips With At Home~Christmas Candles

December 9, 2016

By Tab Byrum

Day Six


Christmas Candles are one of those things that give you a double “hit” of pretty, they’re beautiful to look at during the day because of their colors and the designs on them and they’re even more beautiful after they’ve been lit. When I was a little boy we had a red and white candle that was in the shape of Christmas Tree, we never lit it because we didn’t want to destroy it, I still think of that candle every Christmas. At Home has a lot of beautiful candles in the stores in whatever colors you’re looking for, whether it’s gold, silver, white, blue, or red they’ve got it. As you’ll also see today they have beautiful candles in great designs like the red and white candy stripes I’m featuring. Here’s a look at what you can combine and create using Christmas Candles from At Home, Enjoy!!!


I’ve bought and used these pillar candles with glitter around the bottom 2/3’s in other colors and used them in client’s homes. The red ones are my favorites, they are a beautiful shade of red and mix so well with the Peppermint striped candles. 



The Peppermint Striped candles add a fun element to a dramatic display. 



When you use varying heights of candle holders then you add even more drama to your display. When using a strong color like this red a neutral candle holder is the best like these clear crystal ones. 


I also picked up a few red Mercury Glass votive candle holders from At Home. These are great to use in places like bookshelves to add some drama and sparkle to an otherwise dark corner. 


Votive holders are also great to use on a dining table during a dinner, just run them down the table or mix them in with other heights of candles or flowers. 


This is one of my favorite things for this year.

As I said earlier At Home has lots of choices as far as colors and types of candles. They have several sizes of pillar candles and many have designs on them and they often have matching taper candles as well. I hope this gives you some inspiration to bring some sparkle and light to your Holidays this season. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week. 

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