Happy Winter 2016~2017

December 21, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Well if you’re not already cold here’s some news,  it’s the first day of Winter, tonight will be the longest night of the year and that means today is the shortest day. I’ve always loved the first day of Winter, there’s something kind of mysterious about it as we enter the coldest and darkest time of our calendar year and at the same time we are headed towards Spring. I’m a Winter person, I love everything about winter from the food we eat, layering on clothes, wearing sweaters, coats, scarfs, and gloves. Winter to me is very invigorating, the heat of Summer always beats me down and I just feel yuck for weeks. I hope wherever this first day of Winter finds you that you are healthy, happy, and warm, the holidays are in full swing with just 4 days left until Christmas and this year the first night of Hannukah falls on Christmas Eve, so many people of different religions will be celebrating at the same time. I’ll try to get another post in before the holidays but it’s kind of crazy on this end and did I mention I have a birthday tomorrow, I’m going out to mom and dad’s for birthday lunch with them and to pick up a couple of cakes mom baked for me to give clients and to make Christmas candy trays to give to clients and friends. Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner to a new wine bar and bistro for my bday with two other couples that we’ve been friends with literally for decades, I’ll let you know where we ate and how it was. In the meantime have a great day and don’t let all the holiday craziness get to you, deep breaths, here’s some images of Winter, Enjoy!!! (above image via)















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