White House 2016 Christmas Details~Part Deux

December 16, 2016

By Tab Byrum


Today we are going to tour in detail two more rooms in the White House all decorated for Christmas. First, we’ll look at the Lower Cross Hall, a hallway that connects the State Dining Room to the East Room and also allows you to get to the Red Room, Green Room, Blue Room and the Library. I’m sure this is a highly traveled area of the mansion and everyone has to smile as they walk past the smiling snowmen and if you look up you’ll see a ceiling full of winter delights. One of the rooms off the Lower Cross Hall is the Library, a room that used to be used for laundry today is home for books and learning. Because it’s the Library this rooms decorations have an educational theme to them, all done in fun bright colors. Hang on, here we go down the Lower Cross Hall to the Library, Enjoy!!!


The Lower Cross Hall is decorated with wall and ceiling garlands filled with snowflakes and icicles and snow people stand at attention as you pass. 


Snow people come in all sizes. 



Always remember to look up, I think this ceiling decoration is amazing. 



Also in the Lower Cross Hall are these two First Lady portraits, Betty Ford on the left and Rosalynn Carter on the right. Below each of the portraits are two silver containers filled with white and silver ornaments. 


One of the room off of the Lower Cross Hall is the Library. The decorations here are done in bright primary colors and have an educational theme. 


“Let Girls Learn” is an effort started by Mrs. Obama to help make sure girls around the world have access to education. 


I’m kind of obsessed with these pencil land crayon topiaries, they are giving me so many ideas. 


There are two large Christmas trees in the Library, on them are these black ornaments which the word “girls” has been written in 12 different languages. 


Wouldn’t you just love to sit on the bench and soak it all in? 

Well, that concludes our tour of the White House and its Christmas decorations for this year, I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed it. Check back with us next week as we get ready for the big day on the 25th and take a look at more awesome ideas and beautiful decorations. Have a great Friday and stay warm this weekend. 

Words are my own.
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