Antoinette Poisson

January 16, 2017

By Tab Byrum

Today I want to introduce you to Antoinette Poisson, a beautiful French company making beautiful products. Antoinette Poisson was founded in 2012 by three people who are paper conservators and met in school, today Julie Stordiau, Vincent Farelly, and Jean-Baptiste Martin create beautiful wallpapers and fabrics based on the 18th-century decorative papers called dominos, the company gets its name from the first name and maiden name of Madame de Pompadour. Dominos were papers used by the design-savvy french to line their closets, cupboards, boxes, and served as the end papers of books. Many times the dominos had the appearance of marble and other times they were florals or other designs. Today, the founders of Antoinette Poisson carve their own blocks to print the designs from as well as color them themselves. The trio says they could see the art of creating dominos was dying and they wanted to revive it so they started Antoinette Poisson. You can order from their website and find some of their products in stores like John Derian in NYC, I want to share a look with you today at some of their beautiful works. Welcome to the world of Antoinette Poisson, Enjoy!!! (above image via)

The founders and creators at Antoinette Poisson, (l to r) Vincent Farelly, Julie Stordiau, and Jean-Baptiste Martin (via)

A selection of the bright and beautiful papers available from Antoinette Poisson. (via)

Farelly coloring a paper. (via)



A newly painted sheet is pulled off of the block by Jean-Baptiste. (via)

I love this Poisson creation. (via)

This is the packaging created by Antoinette Poisson for Diptyque. (via)

A miniature room papered in a Poisson paper. (via)

A beautiful Parisian room done up in an Antoinette Poisson paper. (via)

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