Industrial Home Office

January 4, 2017

By Tab Byrum

One thing I really want to get done this year is a new home office space for Michael and me, one of the extra bedrooms in our home serves as space we share for our desks and computers. The room currently has our desks and desktop computers as well as a couple of bookcases, it also has the closet where Michael keeps all his hanging clothes, a chest of drawers where we keep underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc. We also have a cabinet where the copier/scanner is that also holds all our Blu-rays and DVD’s, so you can see that it’s become much more of a hodge-podge and catch-all than an office. I would really like to turn another room into a legit office with nice desks and adequate storage that’s nicely decorated and pleasant to be in. A type of decorating that I think would work well for the office is Industrial, I love when wood and metal are combined to create a beautiful piece of furniture that has a strong masculine feel to it. I know someone here in town that is wonderful at building things using reclaimed wood so I’m thinking about talking to him about building a couple of desks or one long desk we can share and sit side by side. I would also like to have an open metal bookcase to store and showcase books and collectibles and a large cabinet piece, something low and long, with doors that we could use for storage. I’ve gone online to find some inspiration and want to share that with you today, this is definitely something we could do and would enjoy a lot. Let me know what you think, Enjoy!!! (above image via)

Above and below are two views of the same office space. I love this desk, especially with the saw horse legs.

I like the simplicity of this desk and the clean lines as well as the bookcase. (via)

I’m probably going to want to use a couple of contemporary desk chairs like these, but I think they work well with the wood and metal. If you’ll notice in the corner the piece with all the drawers, I’ve seriously thought about using a mechanic’s tool chest for some storage of paper, pens and pencils, envelopes, and such. (via)

I love these shelving units we see now made of plumber’s pipe and fittings with wooden shelves. (via)

I love this whole look, although I don’t want our desks against the wall, I want them to float in the center of the room. (via)

Another great idea for shelves, plumbers pipe and fittings with lightly stained boards cut to fit the space. (via)

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