Raised Plank Ceilings

January 11, 2017

By Tab Byrum

The above picture for me is heaven in a home, I love a ceiling that isn’t flat. One thing I really want to do on our house on the inside is to raise the ceilings, our home was built in 1962 and the ceilings are your traditional 8 feet high. We don’t have a high or tall roof line on our house so it wouldn’t take the ceilings up a lot, but any height added would be a great improvement. I always think it’s amazing when you enter a home, especially one that’s an older home, and the ceilings have been raised, it really makes a difference in the feel of the home and makes it feel much more spacious. Another thing I really like are ceilings that have been planked using boards or beadboard paneling, I love when you look up and see all those lines going in one direction and the feel of uniformity it adds. Another think I like are exposed beams, I love seeing the architectural elements of any building. If the beams are thick I like them to be stained if they are usual 2×4’s or 2×6’s used in construction I would paint them to go along with the rest of the ceiling. I really want to explore this option more when we get to that phase in our house, as for now here are some great pics to ponder and let me know what you think. Do you have raised ceilings in your home or have you had them done? Enjoy!!! (above image via)

Wouldn’t this be a great place to wake up and spend the day reading a book and looking up at that ceiling? (via)

We have a long hall in our house from the living room/kitchen down to the bedrooms and I would love to do this to the hall ceiling also. (via)

Imagine how much smaller this room would feel if it had a standard eight-foot ceiling, the raised ceiling really doubles the space. (via)


This is a good look at a plank ceiling with exposed beams. I’m not sure if the beams were added but I love the look, along with with the herringbone reclaimed wood wall behind the bed. (via)

Here’s a plank ceiling that hasn’t been raised, I still like the look of the planks on a flat ceiling. On the flat surface, they add a lot of visual interest and not painting them adds another texture to the room. (via)

Here’s a great example of a plank ceiling with exposed beams, you can see how they built the ceiling in around the beams that support the roof. (via)

Another example of a flat surface plank ceiling, here it’s painted a color to coordinate with the rest of the room. Don’t you love how it’s reflected in the mirror? (via)

I love the look of these big chunky beams that have been stained, they draw the eye up to the soaring ceiling and add visual interest. (via)

Raised ceilings are definitely on my list of wants for our house, they add visual interest and make things feel bigger and I think the plank ceiling is a must somewhere. Have a great day!!!

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