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February 7, 2017

By Tab Byrum

As you know by now I love all things British, including their magazines. I’m always excited every month when the newest edition of House & Garden arrives and I can see what’s new on the decorating scene across the pond. On our trips to the UK over the last several years, we’ve been fortunate to stay not only in hotels but also rent flats a couple of times, if you have a chance to do this I strongly encourage it. Living for several days in a flat or home in Britain really helps you become immersed in the culture. For the most part, I love how British designers decorate, their use of color, antiques, natural materials, books, and the mixing of old and new. Today I want to share with you several different Living Rooms that have been featured in House & Garden magazine and tell you why the appeal to me and hopefully you as well. Enjoy!!!

They say everyone looks good in pink and that includes this beautiful living room. I love the molded ceiling and the real tree in the window. As you can see, they’ve also used other color in the room playing off the artwork, an orange rug along with striped pillows and table skirt. 

As I get older I’m more and more attracted to blue, I think this big blue sofa is wonderful. I also like the wallcovering they’ve used, it provides a wonderful neutral backdrop while still having a horizontal pattern to it.

Gallery walls always appeal to me and nobody does them better than the British. You can see in the mirror over the fireplace that there appears to be another collection of art across the room. 

Rustic always appeals to me also, there’s a part of me that wants to redo and live in a barn really bad. Here you can see the rustic posts and beams alongside silver candelabras and a velvet sofa. This room also gives you a look at how the British are pros at overlapping rugs one on top of the other.  

This room to me is calm and peaceful with the white walls and blue tufted sofa. The room is done in blues and grays with a nice mixture of old and new. 

In this library, the wall color, books, and 2 large lamps are the decorations. I’ve tried this stacking of books in the floor but it turns out to piles of books and not so artistic. 

I saw this room and thought the artwork looked familiar then realized it was paper samples from French paper company Antoinette Poisson which we featured a couple of weeks ago. Remember, anything can be art if you love it. 

I just like how comfortable this room looks, all the furniture is overstuffed and I love that bright punch of color in the center of the room. The firewood on the right side of the room almost becomes an art display along with the leaded windows above it. 

I’m always a YES where maps are concerned and would love to do this sometime, have a map enlarged and use it as wallcovering. 

There are so many things to love in this room, that coffee table is amazing along with the mixture of antique and contemporary furniture, the malachite patterned fabric on the Roman Shades all against a bright white background. 

Words are my own.
Images are courtesy of
Home & Garden magazine.

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