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February 17, 2017

By Tab Byrum

We’re about to the point at our house where we need a new sofa, we’ve had the current one for over 10 years, (yikes!!!!) and I’m trying to decide whether to recover our current sofa or buy a new one. Our current sofa doesn’t have any problems other than it’s outdated as far as fabric and needing the cushions plumped up, but the sofa is very traditional in shape and we find ourselves leaning towards a more contemporary look. With that in mind, I’ve been looking when I have time in stores and online as to what’s available and I know what I do like and what I don’t like. I thought on this Friday I would share a few choices I like from West Elm and in the days to come, I’ll share other choices from other suppliers. Let me know what you think and Enjoy!!!

I like everything about the Andes Sofa and definitely want to do a neutral color whether it’s beige or in the grays. 

I do like buttons and tufting and the Peggy Mid-Century Sofa has all the 20th Century style we’re looking for. 

One thing I’m interested in is a single seat cushion, it’s unreal how much “crud” falls down between cushions, especially with 2 dogs. The Axel Sofa has a lot of style. 

I do like the high arms on the Paidge Sofa as well as the curve from the front to the back. 

I have wanted a Chesterfield sofa as long as I’ve known they existed and the Modern Chesterfield checks a lot of boxes for me. West Elm is showing it on the website as a leather and I want to find out if it’s available in fabric. Button tufting, high arms, single seat cushion, this might be the one. 

I really like the Modern Arm Sofa but I’m not sure about those cushions on each end. I really like the frame shape and again the single seat cushion. 

I definitely have a thing for sofas with British sounding names, the Rochester Sofa has a lot to love, tufting, high arms, a strong shape but there are 2 seat cushions, not ready to cross it off the list yet. 

What kind of sofa do you like? Check back as we’ll continue looking at what’s available. Have a great weekend!!!!

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  • SuSu Fischer

    I hope ya’ll find one you like—–maybe the Chesterfield comes in a fabric!!!! ?
    I like how you narrow things down and✔️your boxes!!!!

    • Tab Byrum

      We will, it just now entered the conversation at our house. Time goes by so fast I couldn’t believe we’ve had the one we have for as long as we have.

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