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March 31, 2017

By Tab Byrum

The new Majolica Collection from Designers Guild is GORGEOUS, the collection is inspired by the bright and intense colors found in Majolica pottery and is all digitally printed. Designers Guild has played with the scale of some of the prints, especially the florals, to give a traditional type fabric more of a contemporary look. The thing that caught my eye are the colors used, especially the blue in the Majolica Cornflower (above) and the Istoriato Cobalt. In addition to the blues Designers Guild uses some wonderful pinks, purples, greens, and even a few trendy grays. Here’s a taste of what’s available from Designers Guild, Enjoy!!! (above image via)

Here we see Patanazzi Graphite on the wall behind the sofa and Montelupo Birch on the drapes in the foreground and on the window. 

Majolica Slate is front and center here in this photo. 

Majolica Slate is used again on this beautiful pillow. 

Pesaro Cobalt wallpaper is seen here, aren’t all the hues of blue gorgeous?

Majolica Slate is the primary fabric used here on the drapes and on the wallpaper. 

Lustro Birch is the wallpaper pattern seen here with Palissy Grande Camelia on the windows. 

Cellini Cobalt is the beautiful blue used on the windows in this room. 

In this photo, we see Lustro Magenta in the foreground with Acanthus Moss on the windows and Iridato Peony on that beautiful chair. 

Words are my own.
Images and Information
courtesy of Designers Guild.

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