Getting Galvanized

March 21, 2017

By Tab Byrum

One current trend in decorating both inside and outside the doors of our homes is using galvanized metal, which is metal that has been treated with a zinc coating to prevent it from rusting. During my life and growing up among farmers and ranchers, galvanized metal was mainly used for buckets and large horse tanks to hold water for livestock, and chicken feeders, there were many summers we got in the horse tank to cool off in lieu of a swimming pool. Today you can find galvanized metal being used for all manner of home decor and even lighting. Over the next few weeks, we are going to take a look at galvanized metal and just how it’s being used. Today we are going to get an overview of its use and see what great craftsmen and designers are coming up with for this metal that’s usually been deemed usable for “lowly” purposes. Enjoy!!! (above image via)

There are many uses for galvanized piece like this, you can use it in the garage to hold tools, a craft room to hold equipment, a mudroom to hold hats and gloves, or you can use it for mail. (via)

I love this idea of using corrugated metal to cover a ceiling inside a home or building. (via)

Galvanized metal for a backsplash is one of my new favorite ideas. (via)

These caddies are a great idea for restaurants or your home, especially for outdoor use. (via)

A water tank sink is a great idea, you could also use this idea in a laundry room, utility room, on a back porch or in a garage. (via)

I wouldn’t do this in my own home but it’s a great idea, especially for an outdoor shower. (via)

This is genius, wheels on the bottom of a galvanized tub, pad and cover a piece of wood cut to fit inside the tub and you have an ottoman. (via)

Here a water tank is used not only as a garden pond but there are also Koi in the above ground pond. (via)

And, of course, you can create a wonderful container garden using galvanized containers and your favorite flowers. (via)

Check back with us over the next several days and we’ll give you a look at more ideas of how to use galvanized metal in your homes, both inside and outside. Have a great Tuesday!!!

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