We’re Going To Disneyland!!!

March 16, 2017

By Tab Byrum

So you’re on vacation in California, you’ve done everything you have planned, it’s Friday morning and you’re sitting in a nice little café having breakfast trying to decide what you want to do, your partner looks at you and says “Let’s go to Disneyland” and of course I said OK!!!! I had never been to Disneyland, it’s always been on the list of things to do and Michael hadn’t been since 1975 so it might have changed a little (not much). I’ve been to Disney World and everything that Florida has to offer in the Orlando area so I was excited. Let me say that I’m so glad we went and in the same breath I don’t have to go back for a while, first off Disneyland is SO much smaller than I ever thought it would be, not that being a smaller amusement park is a bad thing but there were a whole lot of people jammed into a small space.

We had an awesome time, we arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon and decided to stay until the park closed at midnight (we made it to 10:30) and that was a great plan. Being there in early March was a good thing, I was told the crowds were much smaller than starting in later March with Spring Break through the rest of Spring and Summer. We rode all the big rides: Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones Adventure, Runaway Mine Train, The Jungle Cruise and loved them all. One of the great things going on right now at Disneyland and Disney World is they are bringing Star Wars into the amusement parks, Space Mountain has already been changed over to a Star Wars themed ride and much of what is Tomorrow Land has been changed over to Star Wars. We ate supper, enjoyed the Main Street Electric Light Parade and saw about half of the fireworks show before they shut it down because of wind. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening in the Magic Kingdom and I know we’ll be back.

Main Street, U. S. A. when we arrived. 

It’s A Small World ride, note all the baby strollers parked outside. 

Beautiful flowers everywhere you look.

Just so you know, this wasn’t where the bathrooms were. 

You can’t take him anywhere, least of all a hat store. 

Window shopping at the Bippity Boppity Boop Boutique.

Getting in line for the Haunted Mansion, the lines all moved pretty quickly. 

There’s a Star Wars Museum in the park that houses a lot of items used in the films over the last 40 some years. Here we have the Millenium Falcon model. 

There are lots of costumes and miniatures…

…and there’s artwork based on the films that you can buy, very cool.

Waiting in line for Explore Star Wars – The Adventure Continues.

The Rocket Ship ride is still there from Tomorrow Land. 

And, Space Mountain has been upgraded to Hyperspace Mountain.

I really enjoyed the park after sundown, all the buildings on Main Street are lit and it’s a whole new place. 

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

We had an awesome time at Disneyland and I’m thinking now we need to add to the To Do list to visit Disneyland Pairs and Tokyo and we haven’t been to Florida in years, so I can see a lot more mouse ears in our future. 

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