Carrie Fisher’s Abode

April 3, 2017

By Tab Byrum

One thing I love to see is where the rich and famous live, so last year when Carrie Fisher died so unexpectedly I was naturally curious about her home in Los Angeles. Carrie lived in a “hacienda style” home that sits on 2.66 acres in the Coldwater Canyon area of Beverly Hills. Carrie Fisher lived in the home for over twenty years having purchased it in 1992 or ’93, the home was originally built in 1910 and rebuilt in 1919 and over the years has been lived in by other notables like Bette Davis and costume designer Edith Head. Earlier this year we were able to see the documentary Bright Lights, starring Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, and were able to get a good look at the house and all of its contents. Fisher was known as quite the shopper and her home showed it as it’s filled with collectibles including Biedermeier Furniture, Star Wars memorabilia, Indian rugs, artwork and the list goes on and on. The red tile roofed home is 4,210 square feet and has four bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, tennis courts, swimming pool and a guest house. One notable thing about the guest house is there’s an upright piano in one of the bathrooms, it was here that singer/songwriter James Blunt recorded the song Goodbye My Lover. Of course, now there are many rumors surrounding the property, I’ve read her daughter Billie Lourd will live there, it will be turned into a museum or it and its contents will be sold. Don’t forget there’s another house on the property where her mom, Debbie Reynolds, lived for several years. Whatever happens, it will be interesting to see what happens, in the meantime here’s a look at photos from the home from an Architectural Digest article originally printed in 2004 and reprinted last Fall. Enjoy!!! 

The front porch of the unusually long home. The porch is paved in terracotta tiles and home to a plethora of plants and big feet. 

The living room houses a collection of leather club chairs as well as the animal portraiture wall. Past the arch you can see the dining room. 

The fireplace in the master bedroom holds family photos, including one on the far right of Fisher’s mother Debbie Reynolds and Joan Crawford. Over the mantel hangs a painting by artist Donald Roller Wilson, famous for his animals in clothes paintings. 

You can see how good Fisher was at combining things, here in her bedroom you can make out a Biedermeier piece on the far left, the big log bed with pine side tables all under the watchful eye of paintings of children Fisher collected.

The den displays more of Fisher’s eclectic art collection as well as many gifts from friends. 

This a pottery collection left behind from the previous home owner, Edith Head. The collection is housed in the home’s back porch. Can you imagine saying, “I have Edith Head’s pottery on my back porch?”

A two bedroom guest house is also on the property, it’s been the home of several famous and not so famous friends over the years who needed a place to stay.  

Words are my own.
Images and Information are
courtesy of Architectural Digest.

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