Getting The Blues: Chambray Blue

June 20, 2017

By Tab Byrum

One of my favorite shades of blue is a color I think of as Chambray, a color that I hold near and dear because of my dad. My dad retired a little over a year ago at the age of 80 and almost every day that he headed out the door to work he was wearing a Chambray Blue shirt, or workshirt as we referred to them. He has short sleeved ones for summer and long sleeved for Fall and Winter and they all have snaps, no buttons. Chambray to me is an in-between shade of blue, it’s not a Light Blue like we looked at yesterday and it’s not dark or Navy Blue, it’s just a pretty Blue that works with lots of other colors. I particularly like Chambray Blue for accessory pieces like pillows, throws, or even draperies and especially bedding. Today we are going to look at the Chambray shade of Blue and I hope this inspires and gives you some great ideas. Enjoy!!! (above image via)

Anything with blue and white stripes is among my favorites also, here you can see how the Chambray and white stripes add some fun to an outdoor setting. (via)

The lighter blue in this rug is what I would call Chambray, you can see how the tan leather sofa works when pillows and a throw are put on it in shades taken from the rug. (via)

I love everything about this bed, how it’s nestled into this nook with drapes in front and the comfortable blue comforter with lots of pillows, creating the perfect little bedroom in Stockholm. (via)

Pillows are always one of the easiest ways to get color in a room or on a piece of furniture. Here we have Chambray, Navy, and White combining to create a fun geometric pattern. (via)

Chambray is an easy color to combine with other colors. On this Chambray sofa, they’ve combined Reds, White, and Green to create a comfortable space. (via)

Chambray and denim bedding are some of my favorite looks. (via)

This beachside bedroom has a nautical theme with lots of blue. We have big and bold Chambray stripes on the bottom bunk’s comforter and the same above in more narrow stripes. Lots of other shades of Blue are picked up in the sheets and pillows. (via)

A big Chambray Blue sofa is a great way to anchor a room that you are trying to keep light, bright, and fun. Look at all the other great colors going on in the room with the pillows, art, and drapes. (via) (P/S when I found the website where this photo came from the owner of the pic says the couch is gray, but we are going with Chambray Blue today.)

I hope this gives you another easy and great choice when it comes to decorating with Blue, check back tomorrow as we go a few shades darker in our Getting The Blues week. Have a great day!!!

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