Getting The Blues: Chinoiserie Blue

June 22, 2017

By Tab Byrum

If I lived in a large home I would devote one room to Chinoiserie, which is defined as “the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions, especially in the decorative arts, garden design, architecture, literature, theater, and music.” There’s something about the look at that appeals to me greatly. I think it’s the use of nature in their designs of pottery, china, wallpaper, and other decorative objects. Probably the best known Chinoiserie decorative product is Blue and White porcelain, I’ve discussed Blue Transferware before and Delft Pottery after our trip last year to Amsterdam and the Netherlands, but today I want to look at Chinoiserie Blue as part of our look at decorating with different shades of Blue. Chinoiserie Blue has a distinct feel to it, it’s very natural as far as the decorations used in Chinoiserie since of course nature is very important in Asia. Chinoiserie is also known for its use of scenes depicting life, whether it’s everyday life or life in a royal palace. Join me for a look at Chinoiserie Blue and how you can do a little or a lot to enhance your home and its decor. Enjoy!!! (above image via)

Blue and White Chinoiserie is gathered on this outdoor table for a beautiful display. The pottery is the perfect accent for the green and white surroundings and light blue chair cushions. (via)

I always love it when objects meant for one purpose find a use for something else. Here we have a Chinoiserie Blue and White Planter being used as a tub to hold iced down waters. Just shows what thinking outside the box will accomplish. (via

Plates on a wall are one of my favorite things to use for decoration, here we see a collection of Blue Chinoiserie plates and platters arranged for maximum effect. (via)

Of course, Chinoiserie Blue isn’t limited to the indoors, it’s a beautiful color for patios and poolside. Here we have a Chinoiserie Garden Stool being used as a side table, I have one of these that I’ve probably had for twelve years that travels from room to room whenever I need a small table. (via)

Another place we often see Chinoiserie Blue influence is in wallcoverings, here we have a beautiful wallpaper done in Chinoiserie Blue that melds beautifully with the contemporary sink in the room and the brass hardware. (via)

I love this Chinoiserie inspired Blue and White Mural by Artist Michael Duté, it’s just amazing. (via)

In this image, we see beautiful lamps created from Ginger Jars, Blue and White on the sofa pillows and a large Blue and White piece on the coffee table plus a couple of pieces in Coral, and it ALL works. (via)

These Blue and White Ginger Jars are a great addition to this all white kitchen. Don’t you love how they coordinate with the casual Blue and White barstools? (via)

This living room is an example of how you can mix Chinoiserie Blue with other colors. In this room, we have lots of wood tones and orange sprinkled throughout and it all works beautifully. (via)

In this vignette, we have several examples of Blue Chinoiserie, from the framed Chinoiserie panels on the wall to the collection of Blue and White on the table. The brass lamp is also Chinoiserie inspired since it’s made to resemble bamboo. (via)

This is one my favorite rooms featuring Blue and White Chinoiserie, it’s fashion designer Tory Burch’s sunroom. You can see hints of Blue and White throughout the room from floor level to tabletop. (via)


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