Getting The Blues: Light Blue Interiors

June 19, 2017

By Tab Byrum

HI!!!! Sorry about going away last week, my desktop computer crashed on Wednesday and required a trip to the doctor, luckily things seem to be alright now and I’m back on track so let’s talk color, Blue to be exact. Blue has always been one of my favorite colors but I’ve honestly not used it a lot in my own home but that’s something I’m looking to remedy quickly. I’ve always been attracted to all shades of blue whether’s it a light and airy blue, a medium denim blue or navy blue I love them all and especially how they mix with other colors. This week we are going to look at blue in its different shades and how we can use them in our homes, whether it’s the accessories we decorate with, upholstery, artwork, or furniture and cabinetry, Blue is very big. Today we are going to start with Light Blue, a beautiful and subtle way to incorporate blue without being too bold. Light Blue is soft and elegant and works so well with white and all the metallics that are popular right now. Join me for a tour as we check out the many incarnations of Light Blue, Enjoy!!! (above image via)

Let’s start with a room done entirely in Light Blue, in this case, a bathroom. You can see how elegant this color looks when mixed with white, gray, and lots of gold. The rug brings it all together since all the colors are in the rug. (via)Sometimes all it takes is a large piece in your feature color to make a statement. Here a Light Blue sofa becomes the focus in a neutral colored room and sets the tone for artwork and accessories. (via)

In this entryway, we get a hit of our focus color on the front door and in the rug on the floor. Entrances and hallways are always good places to play with color. (via)

This Light Blue kitchen island is beautiful and adds some color and elegance to a very otherwise white kitchen. (via)

I really like the idea of using drapes to get the color your looking for in a room. Here these Light Blue panels not only add color to the room but they also get color UP into the room without painting walls blue. (via)

This room is a beautiful example of incorporating differing shades of Light Blue and how well they all work together. They didn’t introduce any other colors that would have thrown the whole decorating scheme off, instead, it’s all blue and white with some hints of silver in the lamp and the legs of the stools in front of the fireplace. (via)

This retro tile floor gets an upgrade when blue tiles are used in place of the usual black tiles. Such a fun update. (via)

I wish I was brave enough to do Light Blue kitchen cabinets, but this is actually a Benjamin Moore color called James River Gray. I think this requires a trip to the paint store for a look at a sample. (via)

Here’s another wonderful example of a room done in varying shades of Light Blue that mixes beautifully. Here we also see how they incorporated some different patterns in the drapes, ottoman, and pillows. (via)

If you can’t do Blue kitchen cabinets maybe a Light Blue laundry room would work, I could definitely work in here. (via)

I hope you have a great Monday and check back with us tomorrow as we continue Getting The Blues as we look at another shade of this week’s focus color. Enjoy!!!

Words are my own.

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