Tabulous Father’s Day Gift Guide ~ Grommet Tech

June 13, 2017

By Tab Byrum

In Day 2 of our Tabulous Gift Guide we are going high tech or at least some tech, we’re looking at several items from The Grommet, a wonderful website that keeps you on the cusp of everything new and au currant. If your Dad is like a lot of men then he likes his gadgets, those little helpers that make life more interesting and in some cases easier. Today we are going to look at several items from the Gadget & Tech department of The Grommet that are fun and useful. Whether it’s allowing Dad to use is iPhone camera underwater, helping older dad pick things up off the floor, or cleaning his glasses and electronics the chances are The Grommet has something for him. I’m highlighting 7 different items today but there are many more that you can find here on The Grommet website. Check back tomorrow when we look at another category, Enjoy!!!

Peeps Eye Glass Cleaner ~ this gadget uses NASA technology to help you keep your eyeglasses clean. The tool uses carbon pads that are attached to a handle that allows you to clean both sides of the lenses at the same time. The pads are self cleaning when they are in their storage case, as the carbon pads rub on each other causing the carbon molecules to shift and voila, a fresh cleaning pad. 

I’m the worst about knowing the amounts assigned to all the little lines between the numbers on a measuring tape, so I’m definitely ordering the Digital Measuring Tape, eTape16 for myself. The measuring tape is the product of 15 years of work and research by its inventor. The eTape16 has digital readouts and functions, as you lengthen the tape the measurement reads out on a screen on top of the tape, the read out can also be saved,  translated to decimals from fractions or to metrics. 

If Dad likes to use his iPhone to take pictures and he enjoys being in the water than maybe the Pro Shot Waterproof Action Camera iPhone Case is what he needs. This case allows Dad’s iPhone to be ready to use in the pool or the ocean and comes with a free app that allows him to control the phone camera’s functions using the phones volume buttons. In addition to being waterproof the case is also shatterproof, so a great way for the adventure Dad to protect his technology. 

We all have our hand held gadgets and they all get dirty and smudged with fingerprints as we turn them on and off and are continually swiping, the iRoller Touchscreen Cleaner. The iRoller uses a sticky surface to lift dirt and oils from the screens of your hand held devices and doesn’t require any kind of sprays or cloth, it’s also compact and reusable making it more economical than using sprays and paper towels. 

We can all use a little extra help now and then, especially as we get older and bending over and getting up become harder, that’s wear the ODii Telescopic Grabbing Tool is great to have. The grabber works off the same premise as the grabbers you use  in the games where you try to grab a stuffed animal or other prize except this claw is much smaller. You can use them to pick things up off the floor, between car seats, from under furniture, even out of the garbage disposal. 

For some of us the hardest thing to do is get out of bed, I may get up between 6:30 and 7 but I’m not real good until 9:30 or 10. The Beddi Smart Alarm Clock may make the act of getting up for Dad a little easier, it wakes you up using gradually increasing music, softly rising light, your phone will be charged and you’ll have a weather forecast for the day waiting for you. What a great way to start the day. 

If you and Dad are like me than you despise the wires that go along with using earbuds to listen to music, podcasts or downloadable books, FireFlies Audio~Wire-Free Bluetooth Earbuds help you get rid of the hassle of cords and wires. FireFlies charge in their handy carrying case and can play music non-stop for up three hours. Each pair of FireFlies comes with different sized silicone tips to help you find the perfect fit for your ears.

I hope this has given you lots of good ideas as far as gifts for Dad this Father’s Day, check back tomorrow as we look at more gift ideas and celebrate Flag Day in a Tabulous way. Have a great day and Enjoy!!!

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