Adding Drama: Bedrooms

July 19, 2017

By Tab Byrum

Your bedroom is the room in your home that not a lot of people will see if they do that’s a whole different blog, so it’s a great room to let yourself go and indulge. Decide what kind of bedroom you want, do you want it to be dark and cool or perhaps you want a room done in bright colors that will be invigorating every morning, maybe there’s a wallpaper or wall treatment you’ve been wanting to have done, now’s your chance. Does your bedroom have a great view? If so you need to take that into account and incorporate the windows into the design and decoration. Today we are going to continue our look at adding drama to rooms, especially the bedroom. The bedroom is a great place to indulge in your favorite color, or if you have a favorite fabric with a lot of patterns use it to your heart’s content. Let’s take a look at some beautiful and dramatic bedroom, Enjoy!!! (above image via)

An all gray color scheme and an enormous paneled wall headboard lend sophisticated drama to this bedroom. (via)

The natural look of wood and lots of it lend drama to this bedroom. The wood is broken up by the rug, bed, and mirror. (via)

There are companies that offer you the chance to blow up photos you’ve taken and turn them into a wallcovering. This is a great way to add drama and something you love to your bedroom. (via)

I love an all white room, but I could never do it personally. I love the juxtaposition of the natural colored beam against the white in the room. (via)

Going dark here, dark floors, dark bed along with dark walls combine to create a dark room perfect for sleeping. They’ve incorporated purple into the room in the drapes and maybe the wallpaper. (via)

This is an amazing bedroom, they took advantage of the high ceilings and did a couple of different wall treatments. The lower 3/4ths of the room is done in white upholstered fabric or leather, above that is a painted plaid wall treatment. The plaid color is carried out below in the large wingback headboard and the bed skirt. (via)

In this bedroom fabric and color give us the drama we are looking for. Fabric drapes the wall behind the bed and on that, a mirror is mounted to create a focal point and a headboard. Fabric is then hung from the ceiling to create a four poster bed, all resting on a chartreuse patterned rug. Remember what I said about having a view and taking advantage of it, beautiful. (via)

Neutrals and gray combine here to create a beautiful room. A large piece of art behind the bed creates a head board and a division for what looks to be the closet behind the bed. On the far wall to the left, you can see it’s an armoire with a mirrored front that makes the room feel larger. (via)

I hope I’ve given you some boudoir inspiration today. Check back tomorrow as we take a look at Dramatic Hallways. Have a great Wednesday and Enjoy!!!

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