Adding Drama: Living Rooms

July 17, 2017

By Tab Byrum

This week we are all about the drama, not in our lives because none of us need any more of it there, but in the decoration of our homes. You can add drama to any room in the house in many different ways, whether it’s using a dramatic color on the walls, rugs or tile on the floors, dramatic art on the walls, you can even get drama from one piece of furniture. Now, like all good things drama can be overdone so you have to be ready to edit yourself and not make it look like your living in a circus tent or a deep, dark cave but instead add as much drama as you’re comfortable with and go from there. Maybe you can add one more accessory, one more dramatic lamp or a dramatic chair or not. I always tell my clients that they are the ones who live in their home every day and it needs to be comfortable for them, not me or anyone else. And, remember I’m not suggesting you need to all of the things we see in the photos, but you can pick one or a couple of things and incorporate them into the decoration of your rooms. To start our look at Interior Design Drama we are going to look at dramatic living rooms, I’ll talk to you more along the way. I hope you enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together. Let the drama begin and Enjoy!!! (above image via)

This room is brimming with drama, from the Harlequin design on the wall and the piece of triptych artwork. The room keeps within a certain color palette but brings different shades of the creams, blues, and grays for a cohesive dramatic feel. (via)

A neutral colored room provides a canvas for color in this room. Differing shades of blue and orange combine to create drama and fun in this living room. (via)

This room is a perfect example of getting drama into a room through color. Black and gray combine to create a fun and contemporary look in a room that combines contemporary furniture with traditional elements, like the mirror, vases, and fireplace. (via)

Dark walls give us the drama we want in this room. The gray walls juxtaposed with the hits of color in the sofa, the green plant and the white light fixtures, and all of that reflected over and over in the wonderful mirrored walls. (via)

Sometimes your treatment of the walls it all it takes to bring some drama to your Living Room. Here we have tan walls trimmed in a dark color that picks up the color of the floor. Of course, a large slab of marble on the fireplace and a mirrored fireplace opening help with the drama factor. (via)

Art deco and Old Hollywood are the dramatic inspirations in this room. Large artwork is a great way to get drama in a room, these black and white photographs show the artwork doesn’t have to have a lot of colors. Size does matter. (via)

Having a wonderful view is half the battle won when trying to achieve drama. In this amazing mountain home high ceilings, tall windows, lots of wood and stone create an amazing room that is still dramatic with a neutral color palette. (via)

Color and pattern combine in this room to bring the drama. Blue and silver damask wallpaper provides the base for everything else in this room, whether it’s the mirrored cabinetry pieces, the silver velvet sofa, blue armchair or the neutral colored ottoman done in a damask print. Fun and elegant. (via)

This room doesn’t look to be a really big room but they’ve been able to get a lot of drama in here using lots of blue fabric on pillows, ottomans, and draperies plus blue and green in the artwork and in the vases and flowers on the window sills. Everything else you’ll notice is neutral: wall color, sofa and chair fabrics, lamps. (via)

Here we can see how you can add drama to a room that’s contemporary in design and minimalist in decor. The drama comes from the large gray concrete wall at the back of the room and the use of wood on the walls around it. You see lots of people doing this wood look using reclaimed wood and even wood from palettes. (via)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at Dramatic Living Rooms, check back all week as we bring Drama into all the rooms in our homes. Come back in a few hours when we’ll have a Best of Tabulous Design post, looking back at one of our favorites. Enjoy your day!!!!

Words are my own.

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