French Bergere Chairs

July 13, 2017

By Tab Byrum

In keeping with our theme this week of all things French in celebration of Bastille Day on Friday the 14th, we are going to look at a piece of furniture given to us by the French, the Bergere Chair. The Bergere Chair is an upholstered armchair that is upholstered on the back, seat, and armrests. Much of the wooden frame of a Bergere Chair will be visible with the seat being the only “over upholstered” part of the chair. When I was in retail we sold a lot of Bergere chairs and they are still very popular today in many forms. I’ve seen Bergere Chairs in many different styles and sizes, some come with ottomans, some have the wooden supports of the seat back showing, some have elegant curves to their body, and some are very straight. The chair made its first appearance in France during the Règence period and has never left the worlds of interior and furniture design. Join me today for a look at these beautiful pieces of furniture, who knows, maybe a Bergere Chair is what you are needing in your life. Enjoy!!! (above image via)

This photo allows you to see the shape and great lines of  Bergere Chair and what one looks like with a matching ottoman. (via)

Choice of fabric is very important when considering any piece of furniture, the Bergere Chair gives you a great palette to create whatever look you are going for. (via)

Here we see a wingback Bergere done in a beautiful white crackle finish paired with a classic blue toile fabric, a classic French combination. (via)

This image is another great look at a chair and ottoman pair, this one done in a blue and brown damask pattern and a solid mocha colored velvet. Adding a pillow allows to add another fabric or in this case, use two different fabrics on both pieces. (via)

Here we see a sun room done in a wonderful color combination of Yellow and Gray with a Gray sofa flanked by matching Bergere Chairs and Ottomans done in a sunny yellow. (via)

We’ve discussed blue a lot on the blog and this Bergere Chair is a great example. Here they’ve taken a classicly shaped piece of furniture and upholstered it in a more contemporary fabric. I also love how the finish of the chair’s wood is done in gray which picks up the gray stripes on the chair’s fabric. (via)

The chair in this photo looks to me to be an antique Bergere, it’s done in a lovely ivory fabric and gets a pop of color from pillows. (via)

This is a beautiful chair done in a gray finish on the wood and upholstered in what looks to be a purple linen fabric. The pillows are what makes this chair, the muted tones in the color of the fabric blend beautifully with the grays and purples of the chair. (via)

Check back with us later this morning to see another beautiful product from de Gournay. Have a great Thursday!!!

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