Hola From San Miguel

September 18, 2017

By Tab Byrum

Hola and Buen Dia, we are home from our vacation to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It was awesome, we saw beautiful sites and architecture, ate wonderful food and enjoyed amazing drinks, and we met wonderfully kind and hospitable people. This week I plan on sharing different parts of our trip with you through photos we took and tell you some stories of our first trip ever to Mexico. San Miguel de Allende is located in the far eastern part of the Mexican state of Guanajuato and is about three hours north of Mexico City. The first written record of San Miguel is from 1551 but it’s known there was a village of indigenous people on this site before then. Local silver mines were discovered after the Spanish colonization of Mexico, this brought many more people and major roads were installed between San Miguel, Mexico City, and other large towns. San Miguel has always been popular with artists of all kinds and still is today, the city is full of wonderful galleries, shops, and boutiques where you can see and buy paintings, sculptures and other works from Mexican artists all over the country. The city itself is filled with wonderful architecture that shows the long history of the town and area and the influence Spain has had, the city is full of color, from the paint on the buildings to the flags that fly across the streets year round. Join me today for a tour of San Miguel de Allende and check back all week as I share specifics on what we did and places we visited. Enjoy!!!

The streets of San Miguel are paved with local rock, all of the side streets are paved with smaller river rocks which makes walking interesting for some. 

San Miguel sits in a valley so there are hills all around and there are homes and communities built on the sides of those hills, we took several walks around and up the hills, during the week we were there. We saw this guy one morning checking out everything outside his house. 

Many homes have rooftop gardens, some more elaborate than others. The weather in SM is very temperate, the hottest in the summer is usually in the high 80’s and in the winter it usually stays in the 50’s in the daytime. 

We flew into Leon, Mexico then took a shuttle to San Miguel, we shared our shuttle with a couple from McAllen, Texas and they were telling us not to be fooled by the exterior of the buildings. I’m nosy enough that I took advantage of any and all open doors and believe me, behind the walls of many of these simple looking haciendas are gorgeous homes. 

I took these pictures (above & below) of this building because I loved the stonework done here. Large stones are set into concrete with what looks like ants trailing around the large stones. Those ants are smaller rocks and pebbles, each one placed in the mortar between the rocks creating another layer in this building’s exterior. 

Checking the view as we continue up. 

Here you can see how steep some of the streets are as well as narrow, notice the cars heading down the street, find a doorway and get out of the way. 

The city was being decorated for Mexican Independence Day which was the past Saturday, September 16th. These lighted decorations were up over streets all over the main square. 

San Miguel has beautiful parks all lined and filled with these tall trimmed hedges.

There are many beautiful churches in San Miguel, this is the interior of the Nuestra Senora de la Salud. 

This was a beautiful courtyard behind the main sanctuary of the church. 

There are several markets around SM, this one provided everything and I mean everything…

…here you can see signs for fruits and vegetables and the banner on the right lists the types of fish available. 

All of the hotels, shops, and stores had fresh flowers and you saw people carrying fresh flowers to wherever they were going. The flowers were available here at the market. Whatever you could possibly want, buy one stem or 100. 

Any kind of bean you could possibly want…

…and of course vegetables galore. 

You could buy homemade tortillas, all types of cheeses and snacks. 

Bouganvilla and other flowers naturally grew all over the city like across this walkway. 

This is the main church in town on the town square, La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel. Made of pink stone and sitting in the center of town, you can’t miss it. 

As I said, there is color everywhere. 

Here at home, you might think this building is about to fall down but not in San Miguel, it houses a lovely ladies clothing boutique. 

There are flags EVERYWHERE, year round they decorate. It makes you smile to be walking along and come upon a street of brightly colored flags. 

Back on the main square, this picture was taken while we were in the park.

On the weekend the city filled with people from all over who came to San Miguel to get away for the weekend, celebrate weddings, birthdays and life. 

Check back tomorrow as I’ll take you on a tour of our beautiful hotel in San Miguel de Allende, a fun fact is that it’s in a former convent. Have a great day!!!

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