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September 19, 2017

By Tab Byrum

Part of the fun of a vacation for me is the planning, when are we going, where and what are we eating and of course we are going to stay. For our last several trips I’ve used Booking.com to find places to stay and that’s who I used to find Hacienda del Santuario in San Miguel. I like to go on the Booking.com website and find places in the part of the city I want to stay in as well as any other special things I’m looking for, then I go directly to the website for the hotel and look at the photos they offer and see if there’s more information on their site that’s not on Booking. Hacienda del Santuario is a short walk from the center of town in San Miguel, located in a former convent the design of the hotel is classic Mexican. There’s a large courtyard in the center of the building and there are a lot of beautiful rooms. The rooms are decorated in classic Mexican/Spanish style with lots of wood beams, exposed brick, and stone, neutral colors as far as linens, most color comes from artwork and beautiful pottery located in the rooms. Our room was called Membrillo and was the highest room in the establishment. We had several staircases to climb and descend when coming and going but the room and the view it offered was well worth it. One thing I loved was the decoration of the bathroom, done in traditional Mexican tiles in a green, blue, and white color scheme, the bathroom had a large walk-in shower and a long vanity with a vessel sink sitting on the countertop. Our room was also equipped with its own AC unit that was mounted high on the wall in the room and was controlled by a remote control. I have several pictures to share and will give you more information along the way. Enjoy!!!

As you can see, looks can be deceiving, I would have never guessed that the large hotel we stayed in was behind the red walls of this building. (via)

This is an area just inside the courtyard area of the hotel, everything is tastefully decorated and fresh flowers are used literally everywhere. 

Breakfast was included every morning with our stay and it was served in this courtyard. It’s very quiet here and a wonderful place to sit, relax and get some air. 

There are bougainvillea all over the city of San Miguel, this beautiful specimen greeted us every morning as we entered the courtyard for breakfast. 

A better look at the beautifully carved beams around the courtyard area. 

To get to our room in the sky you walked through this passage that was decorated with Mexican drinking gourds and the large pots at the end filled with decorative grass plumes. 

Remember to look up, this beautiful brick ceiling was in the same passage. 

From the passage, you entered another courtyard with a Lemon tree that four other rooms opened onto…

…one of the rooms was accessed by a staircase.

All the rooms on our side of the hotel were named for different kinds of fruit, here you have the Guava Suite. The other side of the hotel was named after birds and flowers. 

We walked through a couple of covered passages on the way to our room and they were decorated with more Mexican art and artifacts…

…as well as beautiful furniture and accessories, a great place to stop and rest during your hotel hike. 

This was one of the larger suites on our side of the hotel, one morning the doors were open and I was able to see in, it’s gorgeous. 

There are birdcages on the main courtyard that hold parakeets, this was filled with artificial songbirds.

This is the wall of a staircase we climbed to access our room, the wall is decorated with different types of handmade brooms. 

This is what greets you at the top of the broom wall staircase and it looks down into the courtyard outside the doors of the Melon Suite. 

That door at the top of the stairs is our room, the Membrillo Suite. 

What you see when you first enter our room. The floor is done in saltillo tile and another beautiful brick ceiling, it was wonderful looking up at that ceiling every day. 

Here’s the bathroom I was telling you about, a long narrow room done in saltillo tile on the floor and traditional Mexican tiles on the walls. 

I was trying to capture the view and sunset from our room, not the greatest picture but you get the idea. 

Down below our room we had our own rooftop sitting area and the lighted dome holds a chandelier in the room below that is the room with the red wingback chairs. 

The main courtyard at night with lighted lanterns in the trees. 

These pictures give you an idea of what a beautiful place the Hacienda del Santuario is but they don’t really do it justice. I want to thank the wonderful staff at the hotel for their wonderful service and for helping out two guys on their first ever trip to Mexico. Have a great day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Enjoy!!!

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