13 Halloween Cocktails ~ Part 1

October 24, 2017

By Tab Byrum

A week from today is the big day, Halloween, are you ready?? I’m anticipating a lot of people will be hosting or attending parties this coming weekend since Halloween itself is on a Tuesday, so I thought we would take a look at some spookily delicious Halloween cocktail recipes. If there’s one thing that will help scare up some fun during this festive Fall holiday it’s a great cocktail, so I thought I would share 13 recipes with you today and 13 more on Thursday. So, grab a cocktail shaker and a glass and let’s get our spook on, Enjoy!!! (Click on the cocktails names under the photos in orange to get the recipes)

Caramel Apple Martini


I love caramel apples so this Caramel Apple Martini is perfect for this time of year. It can also be served hot or cold so it’s perfect for chilly fall nights. 


Green slime and a bloody looking concoction combine to create the tastefully creepy Morgue-A-Rita

Witch’s Hat Cocktail


Chambord, dark Cherries and Chocolate Cookies combine to create the Witch’s Hat Cocktail, a dark and mysterious drink. 

Death In The Afternoon 


Such a lovely name for a deadly drink, Death In The Afternoon Cocktails are just what the doctor or mortician ordered.

Black Magic Cocktail


The name Black Magic Cocktail says it all, a couple of these and you’ll be doing all kinds of tricks. 


Black Magic Jello Shots


I’m not the biggest fan of Jello Shots but this multi-layered and multi-colored concoction sounds very interesting. Check out the Black Magic Jello Shot recipe here

Hard Cider Pumpkin Float


I love a Coke float but I think the combination of Ale and Pumpkin Gelato sounds amazing, the Hard Cider Pumpkin Float is a modern take on an old-fashioned treat. 

Cotton Candy Shots


A vodka/tonic has never tasted so sweet as this Cotton Candy Shot. The addition of everyone’s favorite spun treat makes it extra special.

Black Magic Margaritas


Tequila and Triple Sec combine to create this gorgeously green drink, the Black Magic Margarita. Perfect if you’re going as the Wicked Witch of the West.

The Transformation Cocktail


The recipe for The Transformation Cocktail comes directly from the Jekyll and Hyde Club in NYC, one of their most popular drinks. 

Bloody Black Currant Punch


Brandy, black currant nectar and seltzer are the main ingredients for Bloody Black Currant Punch, a great addition to any spooky buffet. 

Smokin’ Skulls Shot


You’ll fog up their masks with this Smokin’ Skulls Shot, made up of Bourbon, Grenadine and a little Mountain Dew for a kick. 

Black Devil Martini


Black olives are one of my most favorite things so when I saw they were the garnish on this evil looking Black Devil Martini I knew we needed the recipe. 

I hope you’ve found some beverage inspiration today for your Halloween festivities. I want to say Thank You to HGTV, Country Living, and Delish for sharing their recipes. Check back with us on Thursday for 13 more hauntingly good cocktails.

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