Silver & Gold Wreath

December 11, 2017

By Tab Byrum

A couple of years ago I gained a new client when a friend of a friend called me and asked me to help her with the holiday decorations in the new home she and her family had just moved into. I featured the home here on the blog that first Christmas, click here, and told how we decided on a Silver and Gold color scheme for the Christmas decorations. The home is very neutral as far as wall color and cabinetry so we went with Silver and Gold because it works with everything and is also a simple and elegant color scheme. The decoration color choice spilled outside as well where I decorate around the front door, this year my client said she wanted a wreath on the door and part of my job is granting wishes. Instead of searching for a wreath I made her one, using a wreath form from the craft store, silver Christmas tree garland, and shatterproof ornaments. I’ve shared this technique with you before here. I’ll give you a few more details with the photos, try it, it’s really easy. Enjoy!!!

I wrapped the wreath form in the Silver Tree Garland and used that as my base to glue the ornaments onto.

I recently purchased an electric glue pan, it’s basically an electric skillet for hot glue.

The glue pan allows you to dip whatever you want glue on, into the pan instead of holding the item using the glue gun. It was easy and made the construction of the wreath go more quickly. 

I had various sizes of Gold and Silver Shatter Proof ornaments, I started with the largest ornaments.

I glued the largest ornaments to the wreath form then began filling in with smaller ornaments. 

I continued filling in with smaller ornaments, most of them are gold but I also added a few silver ornaments to fill in and add our second color. As you can see, I had to get out the glue gun, you need to glue some of the ornaments to the other ornaments around them for stability. The glue gun allows me to insert the point of the gun between the ornaments and apply glue between them and push them together. 

And here’s the finished product on my client’s door. Her front door is black heavy gauge steel but she had found Command Hooks in black and applied one of those in the Fall for a Halloween decoration and left the hook up for us to use for Christmas.

The new wreath looks great with the door decorations we’ve used for the last three Christmases.

The Silver and Gold looks great against the black door.

Here you can see in the photos above and below from the original post the decorations we did and how they tie back to the front door and the new wreath I made.


I’ll also be taking orders for wreaths and begin selling them and other things online after the first of the year. If you’re interested let me know by commenting here on the blog or sending me an email at

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