15 Interior Design Predictions For 2018

January 2, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I always think it’s interesting to see what “experts” say the trends will be in Interior Design and Fashion when we begin a new year, so I thought we would look at 15 predictions that recently appeared in Vogue Magazine concerning what’s HOT and what’s NOT in 2018. We are going to look at seven predictions today and eight more tomorrow. Some of these I can totally get behind and some of them caused me to roll my eyes, trends always bug me a little because I think you have to decorate your home the way you want it to be, I always tell my clients that it’s their home and they live in it so it needs to be what they like. One of the trends we’ll be talking about is a curated home as opposed to a decorated home, that’s one I can totally get behind and I’ll go into more detail later. As for now, here are seven purported trends, let me know what you think and as always, Enjoy!!! (above image via)

1. The Return of Chintz

Chintz Drapes (via)

When someone says Chintz I always think of England and Mario Buatta, the Prince of Chintz. Chintz is a multicolored cotton fabric with a glazed finish that is often used in upholstery and draperies. Chintz is almost always a floral pattern but I’m anxious to see what Chintz in the 21st century will look like. Chintz is one of those things that may be best in small doses, perhaps chair cushions or pillows to start and wade into it before jumping into the deep end.

Here we have Chintz on a sofa, armchair, and lampshade. Very pretty, but too much for me. (via)

2. Curated Spaces

In this curated space we saw lots of one of a kind artwork on the walls as well the homeowner’s book collection, all used together to create a beautiful room. (via)

I have to say that this Home Decor prediction made me the happiest of all of them. A Curated Space is one that is decorated with things you truly treasure, things you’ve collected or inherited and kept. I think I like this so much because this is how I was raised, we didn’t have decorators or designers, we bought what we liked and everyone always has collections to decorate with.

A collection of trays adorns this brightly painted wall, GORGEOUS!!! (via)

3. Glorious Green

Green is the focus color in this dining room and looks beautiful against the white wainscoting and the blue chair cushions look beautiful. (via)

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until my last breath, “Green is a NEUTRAL.” I always tell people to look to nature for inspiration and see how Mother Nature uses Green as a beautiful backdrop for all the other colors. Fabric houses are reporting the use of more greens in their fabrics both as the main color or with other colors.

The bedroom is the perfect room to do something unusual, this guestroom takes its cues from the Apple painting over the beds. All the green is set off by the black and white striped rug. (via)

4. Using More Yellow

This Ochre chair and pillow provide the perfect touch of drama in a very blue room. (via)

Some designers are predicting the use of a lot more yellow, not so much bright sunshine yellow, but more of the ochre color that’s deeper and more dramatic. I do love yellow but in small doses.

Here a dark yellow, almost gold provides a beautiful backdrop for the herringbone wooden floor. (via)

5. A Return To Bright Colors

This is a fun room, a little much for me but it’s beautiful. (via)

While I think it’s still too early to call for the death of neutrals I am happy about seeing more color. I love a good neutral colored room filled with brightly colored artwork, fabrics, wallpaper, and draperies. I still like my Greys, Beiges, and Greiges but think that color looks awesome against them.

I love this room with the white walls and lots of color on the walls in artwork, wallpaper, and drapes. The yellow sofa with brightly colored pillows is great. (via)

6. Ceilings, The 5th Wall

Nothing is more dramatic than gold and what could be better than a gilded ceiling? I really want to do this with our bedroom ceiling. (via)

In the Vogue article ceilings are referred to as the “New Playground” when it comes to decorating a room and I couldn’t agree more. I love to look up and see something fun and/or interesting above me. Ceilings are a great opportunity to do something fun and unusual. Here’s a post I did a while back on decorating ceilings. Whether it’s paint, wallpaper, molding, or plaster, embrace the ceiling and make it something special.

Wallpaper is always a great way to get color and pattern on the ceiling, but remember this may be the time to call in a professional. (via)

7. Classic Design Elements: Antiques, Brown Furniture, Printed Fabrics

This antique chest of drawers anchors this room, a beautiful piece. (via)

This is another prediction that I like, I LOVE antiques. I think they add so much to a home, a house filled with all brand new items is just something you found in a store and brought home but antiques have a story and layers to them. I also love brightly colored fabrics, the brown furniture thing isn’t my favorite unless it’s beautifully stained pieces and not big brown leather chairs and sofas.

This living room is a collection of bright colors on large pieces of neutral colored furniture with some beautiful brown and antique pieces. (via)

Check back with us tomorrow as we take a look at the second half of our Interior Design Predictions for 2018. Seven down and Eight to go, Enjoy!!!

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  • Glenn Martin

    Love the gold gilded ceiling!! I could do my den, or dining room or bedroom…OR ALL! I think I might see how tough it is to find the product in Italy and do a ceiling there…SPECTACULAR!

  • Glenn Martin

    I LOVE the gilded ceiling! I could do my den, dining room or bedroom…OR ALL! I think I shall try sourcing the product in Italy and do our living room ceiling there! Grazie Mille!

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