Marvelous Designs Of Mrs. Maisel

January 4, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I’m not a TV or movie critic but I know what I like and when I see something that’s entertaining to watch and ALSO beautiful to look at I want to share, that’s how I feel about the new Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The show takes place in the late 1950’s in NYC and stars Rachel Brosnahan as Miriam Maisel, Midge to her friends and family. Midge is living the idyllic 1950’s housewife life, she has a gorgeous apartment in a building with a doorman, a successful husband and two children, a BOY and a GIRL. Midge’s world is turned upside and she discovers a talent for stand up comedy she didn’t realize she had. The story follows what it was like to be a woman in 1950’s America trying to climb the ladder and be successful, along the way we meet her wonderful parents played by Marin Hinkle and Tony Shaloub, they are always there for their little girl but at times she does push them to the limit. Anyway, the story is awesome but half of the entertainment value comes from the beautiful sets and the costumes worn by everyone. The series does an excellent job of portraying NYC in the 1950’s, from the clothes and decor to the cars and cabs on the street. If you love a good dramedy filled with self-deprecating humor and beautiful EVERYTHING then check out The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon TV this weekend, it’s awesome. Enjoy!!! (above via)

At the beginning, we meet our heroine and her family at her wedding reception. Her wedding had a Russian Winter theme, her dress is gorgeous as are the decorations and the clothes of all the guests. (via)

At one point during the show, we are witness to a wonderful dance sequence at the Midge’s wedding reception, think mid-century Fiddler On The Roof. (via)

Here’s a glimpse inside Midge’s kitchen, love the brickwork on the walls, the open shelves and the red and white combo. (via)

A look at one of Midge’s great outfits, here she has spontaneously joined a protest against putting a road through the middle of Washington Square. (via)

Once Midge discovers her talent for stand up comedy she and Susie Myerson unite as a team, Susie acts as Midge’s manager and hilarity ensues. (via)

At one point we meet famed female comic Sophie Lennon, played by Jane Lynch. I’m guessing this character is based on Sophie Tucker and Moms Mabley. (via)

This dinner party scene gives you a great look at the apartment as well as the clothes and hairstyles. (via)

Susie comes to visit Midge at home and is amazed at her apartment, it really is gorgeous. (via)

This photo is from the final scene in the season of Mrs. Maisel, a smoky club and beautiful dress with pearls and elbow length gloves. (via)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel really has everything you could want in a TV show, the writing is wonderful as well as the costumes and scenery. Check it out and laugh a little and cry a little and as always Enjoy!!!

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