The Beauty of Call Me By Your Name

January 22, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I think I’m about caught up with everything post-holiday, I had to stop everything else last week and catch up on making out invoices and collecting them for all the Christmas work I had done as well as some design work “errands”. So, starting today I’m back and ready to blog about anything and everything from the wonderful world of design.

Yesterday Michael and I went to see the film Call Me By Your Name, a film based on the 2007 novel of the same name by André Aciman. The story is a coming of age love story and focuses on Elio (Timothée Chalamet) and American grad student Oliver (Armie Hammer). Everything about this film is beautiful, the house is beautiful, the music is beautiful, the Italian countryside and towns are beautiful, the story is beautiful and the cast is beautiful. Today we are going to focus on the house used in the film, Villa Albergoni. The film’s director, Luca Guadaguino, had visited the villa three or four years ago when he was entertaining the idea of setting up house in the Italian countryside around his hometown of Crema, Italy. He says he found the villa “beautiful and a little sad” and briefly entertained the idea of buying the house and grounds. A few years later when he came across the script for Call Me By Your Name he knew he wanted to make this movie and use the Villa Abergoni as the setting. (above via)

The garden area of the Villa Albergoni (via)

The movie is set in 1983 and Guadaguino turned to an Interior Designer friend to help him decorate the villa of that time. The home has a beautiful rustic elegance about it and all the furniture and accessories they chose to decorate with are perfect. One of my favorite rooms is the office, in several scenes you can see a beautiful wall hung with miniature works of art and a gorgeous gold mirror, if you look close you’ll see they are all hanging on a wall that’s paint is peeling and has seen better days, a small taste of the decayed elegance of the villa. Join me today for a look at the beautiful home created for the Perlman family and their American visitor in Call Me By Your Name. Enjoy!!!

This was the best photo I could find of the exterior of Villa Albergoni. (via)

The director says he wanted the home to be a place of culture and leisure, not wealth and opulence. In the film, the Perlman family has inherited the Villa. The designer used several antique rugs on the floor of the Living Room and used antique fabric prints on the sofa and chairs, she also used antique prints on curtains and furniture in other parts of the Villa. (via)

Here we see the above Living Room from another angle and Elio playing the antique piano in the room. (via)

I LOVE the Office in CMBYN, in the center you can see the wall I was talking about with the peeling paint. I always have a soft spot for a room filled with books and this one even has a wonderful old velvet couch and globe. (via)

The Entrance Hall is glorious but it’s not always this way, the designer calls it austere before she got her hands on it. I’m crazy about the giant maps opposite each other in the hall and all of the matching chairs lining the walls. (via)

This is Elio’s bedroom in the film, decorated with vintage posters from the 1980’s and a set of twin beds. (via)

This is Elio’s desk in his room, the Set Designer covered it in books and comics that a teenage boy in 1983 might have been reading. (via)

Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamat are seen here in a scene from the movie, it was filmed in Crema, Italy which is the director’s hometown. (via)

The Perlman family and their American guest around the outdoor dining table in a scene from Call Me By Your Name. (via)

I encourage everyone to see this wonderful film and to enjoy all the aspects of it, it really is a beautiful film. Enjoy!!!

Words are my own.

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  • nanette ferreri

    One of the BEST movies I’ve ever seen and it will stay with me forever.. thank you Luca, Armie and Timmy……………….Nanette

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