The Homes Of Givenchy

March 16, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Earlier this week we looked at and talked about the life and legacy of Hubert de Givenchy, the French fashion designer who died this past Saturday. While doing research on Givenchy I was happy to find photos and information on his homes. At one time Givenchy owned three homes in his native France but from what I can find he had sold two of the homes and retained his beloved chateau outside of Paris where he lived the last years and days of his life. Today we are looking at his Paris home and his Chateau, they are both decorated to the hilt in the classic French style, filled with beautiful antiques, fabrics, books, and light. Join me for a tour of these two homes and hopefully find some inspiration in the decoration and tastes of a design master. Enjoy!!! (above image via)

The Hôtel d’Orrouer ~ Paris


Perhaps my favorite thing about Givenchy’s Paris home is the floors, aren’t they gorgeous? (via)

The use of Emerald Green is beautiful, from the draperies to the sofas, the green provides a beautiful backdrop for animal prints and tons of gold accents. (via)

A look into another room of the Paris mansion with sunlight shining on those amazing floors. (via)

At home with Givenchy. (via)

Château du Jonchet, France


This look at the exterior of the entrance to Château de Jonchet gives you an idea of the scale of the castle. We also get our first look at the deer theme that is used throughout the home. (via)

In this salon, we get a look at the use of another deer as well as contemporary pieces like the end tables and lamps. Love the beamed ceilings and the model in the center of the large round table. (via)

The floors of the chateau are as beautiful as those in Givenchy’s Paris manse, here they are stone and look amazing. The use of Chinese wallpaper is an amazing juxtaposition to the French castle. (via)

Throughout the home you’ll notice the use of dogs and deer to decorate, many of the French country homes were originally hunting lodges where dogs and deer were the focus. (via)

In this photo, we can see how the combination of contemporary pieces and antiques work. A Lucite coffee table in a traditional shape is used with traditionally styled upholstery pieces. (via)

The Master of the House sitting in his library. (via)

I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into the world of Givenchy, a man who not only designed beautiful clothes but also lived a beautiful life surrounded by beautiful things. Have a wonderful weekend and Enjoy!!!

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