Spalted Wood In Design

April 19, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I was recently reading an article on Interior Design and the use of wood and they talked about Spalted Wood which I was unfamiliar with. Spalted Wood occurs when black lines and swirls show up in the grain of the wood and it’s caused by fungi growing in the wood, it mainly occurs in hardwoods like Maple, Birch, and Beech. The black lines in the wood are called zone lines and are where competing fungi meet. Now we’re done with the science let’s get to the beauty, I LOVE Spalted Wood and I didn’t even know it. The dark random lines in what is already beautiful wood are kind of hypnotizing as you follow their progression and try to make out a pattern. Spalted Wood is used in everything from furniture and guitars to vases and earrings. Today I’m going to share a look at several beautiful home pieces made from Spalted Wood, let me know what you think and as always, Enjoy!!! (above via)

This beautiful vase is made from Spalted Willow Oak. (via)

A beautiful Asian table made using Spalted Wood. (via)

A bowl made from Spalted Beechwood. (via)

I love the combination on this table of a Spalted Wood top and Iron legs. Awesome use of mixed materials. (via)

Unusual lamps like this Spalted Wood Table lamp is an easy way to incorporate unusual materials into your home. (via)

Spalted Curly Maple (via)

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