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May 18, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Tomorrow is the big day and we know quite a bit, things like the flavor of the wedding cake, who the florist is, the venue of the wedding and BOTH wedding reception/parties. But there are three questions everyone is waiting to be answered, who designed the wedding dress, what does it look like and what tiara will the bride wear or will she even wear a tiara. Today we are going to take a look at some of the possibilities as far as choices Meghan Markle has in tiaras. Now, the jewelry vaults of the British royal family are VAST, Queen Elizabeth has a massive collection of jewelry at her disposal and a lot of it, especially tiaras, she loans out to other members of the royal family to wear on special occasions. In the past, she has loaned wedding tiaras to her daughter, Princess Anne and granddaughter-in-law Kate Middleton, in 1986 the Queen and Prince Philip purchased a tiara for their new daughter-in-law Sarah Ferguson. Today I’ve gathered images of 6 tiaras that I think are possibilities, all of them unique in their design as well as being antique pieces of jewelry. One of the tiaras doesn’t belong to the Queen but does have a strong connection to Prince Harry. So, join me for a look at the possible crowns that will grace the head tomorrow of the newest royal bride and the beautiful design that has gone into all of them. Enjoy!!! (above via)

Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara


Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara is an old hand at royal weddings. Princess Elizabeth wore the tiara for her 1947 wedding to Prince Philip as seen below. Fun story, as Princess Elizabeth was getting dressed for her wedding the tiara snapped in half and the court jeweler had to make hasty repairs to the diadem. In the below picture you can see a gap to the left of the center spire as the jeweler had to hurriedly make his repairs and get the Princess on her way. The current Queens grandmother, Queen Mary, had the tiara made in 1919 using diamonds she owned and some from a diamond necklace. The current Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, wore this same tiara at her 1974 wedding to Captain Mark Phillips. (via)

Then Princess Elizabeth wearing Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara at her 1947 wedding. Will Her Majesty loan this beautiful piece to Meghan Markle on Saturday to wed her grandson, Prince Harry? (via)

The Strathmore Rose Tiara


The Strathmore Rose Tiara is named after the Earl of Strathmore who gave the tiara to his daughter, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, as a wedding gift in 1923. Of course, Lady Elizabeth married the Duke of York who became King George VI in 1936 and she became his consort, Queen Elizabeth. Lady Elizabeth was Scottish and her father was an Earl and one of the largest landholders in Scotland. (via)

The Duchess of York is seen here wearing the Strathmore Tiara after her marriage, at the time she wore low on the forehead which was all the rage in the 1920’s. This tiara has not been seen in decades and may be the perfect tiara for Meghan Markle to borrow for her big day, a wedding gift from father to daughter and a nice way to remember Prince Harry’s great-grandmother. (via)

The Spencer Tiara


The Spencer Tiara is a possibility as a Tiara for Ms. Markle to wear Saturday but most people are thinking NOT. The tiara belongs to the Spencer family which of course is the family of Diana, Princess of Wales. Many people argue that as a son of Diana and nephew of the current Earl Spencer, Harry may ask to borrow the tiara to have something of his mother at the ceremony. (via)

Here we can see Lady Diana Spencer wearing the Spencer Family Tiara at her 1981 wedding to the Prince of Wales. The tiara was also worn by both of Diana’s sisters at their weddings and is sometimes on display with Diana’s wedding gown and other effects. I think this is a possibility but probably not. (via)

The Lotus Flower Tiara


The Lotus Flower Tiara is another possible choice for Meghan Markle, this tiara was created by the Queen Mother. When she married the Duke of York in 1923 he gave her a diamond and pearl necklace as a wedding present and a few years later she took the pearls and jewels from that necklace and had royal jeweler Garrard create this tiara. The tiara gets its name from the papyrus leaf elements as seen in the center beneath the largest pearl. The Queen Mum wore it for several years then passed it along to her younger daughter, Princess Margaret. (via)

In the above photo on the left, the Queen Mother can be seen wearing The Lotus Flower Tiara in the popular style of low on the forehead. Today the Duchess of Cambridge has been wearing the tiara in the more traditional way of higher on the head. (via & via)

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara


Ahh, The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara, the name alone might make this one the perfect tiara to wear for a wedding. A little history, the tiara was created by Queen Mary in the early 1900’s and modeled after a tiara that her own grandmother, a German princess, owned. As you can see the tiara is made completely of diamonds with nineteen pearls hanging in arches that are topped by the beautiful lover’s knots. When Queen Mary first had the tiara made it also had pearls on top but those were eventually removed and we have the tiara as it is today. (via)

When Queen Mary died in 1953 the tiara went to her grand-daughter who was by then Queen Elizabeth II and she wore it for several years. In 1981 The Queen gave the tiara to Diana, Princess of Wales as a wedding present loan. The tiara became synonymous with Diana and the above photo of her in her “Elvis” pearl encrusted jacket wearing the tiara is one of the most famous. Most recently the tiara has been worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, no word on if it has been loaned to her on a permanent basis so this could be a possibility for Meghan. Maybe another way to have Diana at the wedding. (via)

Cartier Bandeau Tiara


The final tiara we are looking it is the Cartier Bandeau Tiara which was created using Cartier bracelets that were a wedding gift to the Queen Mother from the Duke of York when they were married in 1923. There are 2 solid diamond bracelets and three other bracelets featuring sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. The bandeau was created by combining three of the bracelets and setting them on mounts that were provided by Cartier that was then worn on the head. It’s referred to as a bandeau and not a tiara because it sits low on the head like a headband. (via)

The young Duchess of York wore the bracelets as a bandeau several times as a young Duchess but then began wearing them more and more in their original bracelet form, sometimes wearing all the bracelets in a stack. Today the bracelets are worn by The Queen as bracelets and they haven’t been seen in Bandeau form since the 1920’s. This would be an interesting but very possible tiara for Meghan Markle to wear. (via)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look at possibilities for what Meghan Markle will wear as a topper for her wedding look and the beautiful design of these pieces of jewelry. Remember though, she may choose to NOT wear a tiara at all, she may wear flowers or nothing at all. I want to think the Court Jeweller for some of the information on the tiaras. Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the wedding if you’re going to watch and I’ll see you back here next week. Enjoy!!!

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