Gray & White Checkered Floors

June 13, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Whether they’re painted on or whether they’re marble, I really, really, really like a gray and white checkered floor. I’ve talked before on here about loving black and white floors and I still do but I’m thinking this may be the way I want to go SOMEWHERE in our home. I love the way the gray and white look together, I think they are very elegant and chic looking as compared to the strongness in a black and white floor. The gray and white lends itself to any color combination as far as what you want to do with paint, fabric, art, and upholstery in your home. I’ve gathered some images of gray and white floors and I’ve included not just tile floors but also some that have been painted onto wood floors because I think that’s a charming way to do a wood floor, especially an old one. I hope you like what I’ve collected and I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy!!! (image via)

This first example is a wood floor that’s had the Gray and White pattern painted onto the floor in a Harlequin pattern. This works well with a more casual look like the one in this kitchen. (via)

Then you have a more formal look with the Gray and White tiles laid on the diagonal. (via)

Here’s another painted floor, this time paired with black cabinets. I just love the unexpectedness of the floor. (via)

Of course, the tile can be laid in the traditional checkerboard pattern. This image gives you an idea of how the floor looks and mixes with wood tones and other paint colors on the furniture in the room. (via)

This beautiful long hall is a perfect example of just exactly what a beautiful Gray and White tile laid on the diagonal can do for a room, even if it’s just a passage from one place to another. (via)

See how much interest it adds to a smaller entryway? It looks beautiful against the wood floor on the left. (via)

Here you can see what a great backdrop a Gray and White floor is for furniture and accessories. A beautiful neutral background. (via)

A beautiful and classic example, except I won’t want any shine. Lol. (via)

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