Adding Color Thru Art & Fabrics

July 9, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I LOVE COLOR!!!! I have always loved color and will always use color but with that being said I also have to say that as I grow older I enjoy a neutral background as far as my home is concerned. I like having lighter and neutral colored walls, a sort of blank canvas that I can then decorate and “paint” the look I want using artwork and fabrics on the upholstered furniture and window treatments. Today we are looking at a home in Atlanta that when it was first built the homeowners did a much more neutral palette in the colors they used, they refer to the original look as Tuscan or Mediterranean. Today they have changed out some of the floorings in the house and brought in a lot more color using their furniture and artwork. The homeowner says after several years she was ready for a change, wanted to brighten things up and have a more”transitional feel” to the home. Join me today for a tour of this gorgeous home and see how you can bring in pattern and color without going overboard. Enjoy!!!

The designer was originally hired to update the kitchen and bathrooms but one thing led to another and soon the redo was taking over the entire house. Here we see new carpet on the stairs, light fixtures and blue paint on the ceiling of the entrance hall. 

In my opinion, Orange is always a good idea and these two orange benches are sitting on a new reflective marble floor. White walls form a backdrop for art installations on each side of traditional front doors. 

Yellow is one of the homeowner’s favorite colors, along with turquoise, and both were used throughout the house. Here we see a contemporary two-door cabinet done in a bright yellow play home to modern pottery and a piece of art, along with the contemporary art and sconces on the wall above. 

The homeowner’s camelback sofa was reupholstered in a beautiful blue fabric and the traditional wood finials on the top corners of the sofa were replaced with more modern acrylic ones. Contemporary art, lamps, and tables help bring the room into the 21st century.

Lots of furniture the homeowner already owned was reupholstered and updated with new fabrics and trim throughout the house. Here a round ottoman is done in an oversized floral and a pair of Bergere chairs are done in a blue velvet that plays off the blue flowers on the ottoman. Notice the drapes in the room are a chartreuse color to also match flowers on the ottoman. 

The Keeping Room is where the home redo got its start, the chair fabric of  Turquoise, Blue, Brown, and Cream was the first one chosen for the redo and helped set the tone for the whole house. 

In the kitchen, the cabinets were painted white in a multi-step process and new tile was added to the backsplash behind the cooktop. Glass and acrylic light fixtures have been added to the room to give an update to the traditionally beamed ceiling and the kitchen island is covered in a wood veneer from Ukraine.

Lots of colorful changes in the Dining Room. A brightly patterned rug forms a base for colorful wingback chairs at each end of the acrylic dining table and side chairs that had been stained are now painted black. The ceiling is covered in a silver and gold trellised wallpaper and curtains on the windows are done in a turquoise, chartreuse, and brown velvet fabric. 

Blue is used throughout the Master Bedroom in the artwork, pillows on the bed and sofa as well as trim on the window treatments. A mirrored chest used as a nightstand adds some extra sparkle as well as a “Marrakech” hanging lamp. 

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Traditional Home.

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