Beautiful Before & After In Brooklyn

July 16, 2018

By Tab Byrum

Would you dare paint your already beautiful wood floors white? Hard choice I know but that’s exactly what homeowner Joe Mazias of Brooklyn did upon the advice of his interior designer Dan Mazzarini of BHDM, all of this to tie together the black and white color scheme they agreed upon. All flat surfaces in the apartment were painted white with the exception of the bedroom which was painted gray, and much of the woodwork was painted a glossy black including window casements, and doors. This apartment is a perfect example of what something as simple as paint can do for a home, it can completely transform it and make it very sophisticated. A few weeks ago we talked here on the blog about Encaustic Tiles and this homeowner chose a beautiful pattern of Encaustic Tiles in black and white for the home’s bathroom that blend beautifully with the white used throughout the rest of the room, all of this is offset by the wonderful rustic vanity. Join me today for a look at several of the rooms in this beautiful home and check out the inspiring color scheme and use of other colors to accessorize and furnish this home. Enjoy!!!

The Living Room area of the home before the Black and White transformation. The apartment has lots of wonderful natural light from the large bay window at the front of the home, an exposed brick wall and beautiful wood floors. (via)

After the transformation, you can see all the amazing changes. All the walls, including the brick wall, have been painted white and the window casements of the bay window have been painted glossy black. Here you can also see that the already beautiful wood floors were painted white to match the walls and a gorgeous black and white rug anchors the room and ties the color scheme together. (via)

At the opposite end of the Living Room, a dining area has been set up using a table, 2 chairs, and a wooden bench. All of this has been set up just outside the kitchen area. (via)

Before, the kitchen was very traditional in design with white cabinets and appliances and square black porcelain tiles. (via)

The kitchen was opened up to the Living Area and the cabinets and appliances were removed and replaced. Ikea cabinets have been used in the kitchen and topped with honed black marble countertops. I love the brass hardware that was used on the cabinets as well as the refrigerator, that really ties kitchen together. A long wooden table on the opposite kitchen wall provides additional serving space as well as a place to set up a bar when entertaining, a brass lamp with black shade ties it together. (via)

This photo gives a better look at the backsplash of the kitchen which is made up of black marble tiles set in a herringbone pattern. (via)

The bathroom was gutted and the Black and White color scheme was carried into here, starting with the gorgeous Encaustic Tile floor. The bathtub was removed and replaced with a walk-in shower and modern tile. (via)

This peek into the Master Bedroom gives you a look at how all the doors of the home were made taller, you also get a look at the charcoal gray used on the wall of the bedroom. The glossy black paint used on the bay window’s casements was also used on doors more gold was used on the doorknobs and hinges of the home’s doors. (via)

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