Agatha Christie on Amazon Prime ~ “Ordeal By Innocence”

August 22, 2018

By Tab Byrum

We LOVE to watch TV at our house, at night after everything is done for the day and we’ve had supper and are settled down we love nothing more than watching something recorded on the DVR or finding something new on one of the streaming services. We really love British television and as you may know the British have a special affinity and knack for mysteries. Recently it was announced that the production arm of the Agatha Christie estate is teaming up with Mammoth Screen to produce seven Agatha Christie novels to be shown on television. Here in America Amazon has signed on to be the distributor and the first of the seven is “Ordeal By Innocence” and it was recently released. “OBI” is the story of the wealthy Argyll family in England, unable to have children of their own Leo and Rachel Argyll adopt five children. After the children are grown a member of the family is murdered and one of the kids is accused of the crime, they are found guilty and sent to prison. The story takes a turn when a man shows up who says he was with the accused killer the night of the murder and there is no way they could have committed the murder. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story and of course, eventually, the mystery is solved but not before taking you on a wonderful journey. From a design standpoint, this 3-hour mini-series was wonderful. It’s set in the late 1950’s so the clothes and cars are wonderful and the decoration of the mansion is gorgeous. I love all the colors used throughout the huge house, especially the blue used in the entry and all the way up the three-story entry hall. If you have Amazon streaming definitely check out “Ordeal By Innocence”, just sit back relax and enjoy it, it’s definitely worth it. Enjoy!!!  (above via)

Some of the cast of “Ordeal By Innocence” includes (l to r) Luke Treadaway, Anna Chancellor, Bill Nighy, Morven Christie, and Crystal Clarke (via)

Bill Nighy in his role as Leo Argyll, Lord of the manor and amateur Egyptologist. (via)

Anna Chancellor is amazing as Rachel Argyll, Lady of the manor and all around hateful mother. Morven Christie is the housekeeper, Kirsten, who keeps things running and holds a lot of secrets. (via)

Here we see three of the five Argyll children peering in through the dining room window trying to stop something from happening. This is Ella Purnell as Hester, Crystal Clarke as Tina, and Christian Cooke as Mickey. (via)

Alice Eve is shown here with Bill Nighy, are they just employer and secretary? (via)

The mini-series was shot in Scotland at Ardgowan House, this is one of the upstairs hallways that is used a lot in the production. I really like the blue on the walls then the big blast of the red carpet, very intense. (via)

The back exterior of Ardgowan House. (via)


If you love Agatha Christie and mysteries I honestly hope you’ll check this production of “Ordeal By Innocence” out on Amazon. Have a great Wednesday and I’ll see you back here on Friday. Enjoy!!!

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