Mixing Traditional & Rock-N-Roll In Texas

August 8, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I love mixing it up as far as interior design goes, mixing styles, types of furniture, you know contemporary and antiques. Today we are looking at a home that was recently featured in Traditional Home magazine, it’s a very traditional home in style and decor but what stands out is the amazing art collection, much of it having to do with rock and roll and the people who perform it. The home is in Houston and is owned by a 58-year-old banker who loves music, he bought the 5,800 square foot home after about a third of it was completed so he was able to upgrade and make changes to the interiors before the home was too far along. Today the house is home to beautiful furniture, accessories, and artwork that reflect the taste of its owner. I love how the artwork is what brings color to much of the house and the furniture and upholstery are done in softer colors and provide a neutral background. Join me for a tour of this beautiful home and remember you’re never too old to rock-n-roll. Enjoy!!!

I love this entryway, the floors are white and gray granite tiles. The very traditionally shaped console table is done in white paint with gilding on the feet and legs. 

A very traditional curved staircase is lit by a French chandelier but all this traditional design is offset by Andy Warhol’s paintings of the Beatles on the staircase wall for strong punches of color. 

Barn doors are a very popular decorative element right now in home decor and these are beautiful. Antique French doors were mounted onto a track system used for barn doors as you enter the home’s music room. 

The Music Room of the home is finished in a very traditional wood paneling with raised millwork creating rectangles of three sizes. The woodwork has all been painted gray instead of stained and makes for a very warm and enveloping room. Notice the rock-n-roll artwork at the back of the photograph? Those are artist paintings of the famous Beatle’s “Abbey Road” album cover and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon”. That and modern lamps, tables and fabric on furniture and drapes creates a wonderful tension in the room. 

A big and bold piece of art anchors the formal dining room over the fireplace. The walls are covered in wallpaper that resembles rivets being driven into the wall, but less mess and holes. A very traditional and Scandinavian chandelier brings more “then” into the “now” room. 

The kitchen and seating area are a beautiful light-filled space with lots of neutral color going on but also filled with wonderful patterns. Starting at the back you can see the gorgeous pattern in the Encaustic tiles on the back wall of the kitchen that is then reflected in the rooms rug, chair fabric and a great herringbone pattern on a chair pillow. The designer also brought in blue throughout the home, the homeowner’s favorite color. 

There are wonderful combination elements in the master bedroom from the traditionally shaped headboard done in contemporary fabrics to a traditional bench at the foot of the bed done in a fabric that resembles an animal hide with stainless steel legs. And, don’t forget the big splash of color from the artwork. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the look at this gorgeous home and see how you can mix your traditional sensibilities with your contemporary design aesthetic. Rock on and Enjoy!!!

Words are my own.
Images are courtesy of
Traditional Home.

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