Decorative Hardware From Martin Pierce

October 2, 2018

By Tab Byrum

I always say you have to pay attention to the small special things in a room as much as you do the big things like wall color, finishes, and flooring. Things that can make a room extra special are what I think of as jewelry for a room, lighting and hardware and today we are going to look at a new company I recently found out about, Martin Pierce Custom Decorative Hardware.

Martin Pierce is an artist and sculptor who began creating beautiful hardware after he was unable to find anything unique, Martin also designs lighting and some furniture, taking his inspiration from nature. Martin is originally from England and moved to Los Angeles in 1980, he started with designing cabinet pulls and eventually began designing door handles, bathroom accessories and recently lighting. Martin uses the lost wax method of casting his pieces and all of them are original and copyrighted. Martin takes a lot of inspiration from insects but also has collections that focus on plants and trees like his Hedgerow and Willow collections as well as collections like the Lizard collection and Netuske collection which takes its inspiration from 17th-century  Japanese buttons and are miniatures of bumble bees, rabbits, lizards, and frogs. Today we are going to look at a sampling of Pierce’s work and we’ll come back and focus more in-depth on certain collections. For now, join me for a look at the work of Martin Pierce and Enjoy!!!

These beauties are the Heroic Pulls from the Hedgerow Collection of Grips and Pulls. I love the naturalness of them and the organic feel of the trees. 

Pierce also has a Lever Collection of door hardware. Again, you can easily see the tree and how your hand can rest on top of the tree as you pull down to open the door. 

The Willow Collection is meant to remind you of windswept Willow leaves, here we have the Willow Entry Way Lever done in bronze. 

This is an Interior Lever Set from the Willow Collection, meant to be used on interior doors. Aren’t they gorgeous, how they seem to flow and bend in the wind?

The Netsuke Collection is based on hand-carved buttons that used to adorn clothing in Japan, the collection is limited to four animals and only made in entryway and passageway door knobs. If you’ll notice each of the animal’s knobs is sitting on a backplate that’s meant to represent their natural habitat, thus the bee is sitting on honeycomb. These guys may be my favorites. 

Bumble Bee Interior Knob Set

Frog Interior Knob Set

For all you lizard lovers, here’s the Lizard Interior Knob Set.

I know lots of bunny lovers that will swoon over the Rabbit Interior Knob Set.

I hope you’ve seen something today that inspires you to bring fun and whimsy into your home even if it’s in the form of a single doorknob or cabinet knob. Have a great day, I’ll see you tomorrow and Enjoy!!!

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